(Practice) Which of my Warrior cats are you?

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There are many great warriors, but few are true and just warriors. True warriors are hard to find. They have to be ambitious, but not wanting to kill someone, and brave and just; take this quiz to find out if you are a true warrior.

I've written a book, but didn't publish it, and I want to know if there are people out there other than me who are like the characters in my book. You may know about the warriors series by Erin Hunter, well, my book is after that series, and I guess I wanted to see if people are true warriors as much as my cats are!

Created by: Dawnheart

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay, what is your favorite cat fur color? Me: This question is dumb
  2. What is your personality?
  3. How many kits do you want?
  4. Are you a half-clan cat?
  5. How many apprentices have you trained?
  6. What color are your eyes?
  7. How many siblings do you have?
  8. Do you live with both of your parents?
  9. What quality do you like most?
  10. Who do think you will get?
  11. Did you like my quiz? Be honest.
  12. If I tried to publish my book, would you read it? Honest again. Oh and you have to have read the warriors books.

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Quiz topic: (Practice) Which of my Warrior cats am I?