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Make sure you took the first parts before you take this one. I hope you like it. I know there's not much here but the end parts are good. So please stay tuned.

I hope you like it. ;)

Created by: random person
  1. "I think. I took too maaaa... annnyyy... shots" a guy swings around and collapses on the floor. Drunk. [I don't even know half the people here...] "CAKE IS READY!" called out Betty. A stash of gifts were piling in the corner of the shoe rack. A mob of people jam into the kitchen which seemed so small once it was filled.
  2. "NOBODY TOUCHES THIS CAKE!" Betty screamed "DON'T TOUCH!" she hollered into Carter's face who's face was very close to the delicate frosting. The cake almost used up the whole table space. "Whoa, Betty. How did it even fit in the oven?" asked Teresa. [She didn't bake the whole thing, she baked parts of it first] But Betty didn't answer. She was too busy pushing back the guys like flies. Her spatula was a pretty dangerous weapon. "OK WHO'S THE BIRTHDAY GIRL HERE HUH? oh right. ALEXI!!!! WHERE DA HECK ARE YOU! GET OVER HERE!" Betty screamed into the crowd.
  3. [Here comes the finale... I guess he doesn't care...] "Happy birthday to..." [Whoever sung that last line was loud] "...you..." *a tear manages to escape from the corner of her eyes and puts out a candle* Cheering. The crowd scoots in closer. "WAIT!" yelled Betty "Don't forget the last verse!" The crowd groans and sings "How old... are you" *looks up* [EH?? ALEX?!]
  4. Alex grins from the edge of the crowd. He's standing on a stool. He's singing along. [Hey, I know who that loud voice belongs to now] For the rest of the verse 'Alex' just stands there beaming. Nobody else notices the candle put out candle except Alex. After the song, everyone mobs the cake. Someone offers 'Alex' a shot of beer. She refuses so the guy guzzles it down and reaches for a can.
  5. And then someone shouts "BEACH TIME!" And then everyone's running out the door and hops into Harold's truck with beach towels that they brought and swimsuits underneath their clothes. Rena pulls 'Alex's arm along and says, "C'mon, I already got your suit and towel ready" Not everybody fit into the truck, so some had to wait for Harold to come back to pick up the second load. [But where's Alex?]
  6. 30 minutes later. "WOOT! BEACH!" somebody shouted. 'Alex' and Rena were still in the stalls. "Hurry up 'Alex'" said Rena impatiently. [Was I just imagining him?] "Yea, yea. I'm coming" 'Alex' grumbled "Hey... this is a... BIKINI?!" "Yep. Since it's you __th birthday, I wanted you to ya know, start changing. You hafta try a bikini on" said Rena. "Ugh, and what are you wearing? A one piece?" "No, I'm wearing a bikini. Fair?" "Yep, so fair. Ugh" a minute later.
  7. "Will you hurry up?" "I am not going out there" "Ok, I'm coming in then" "HEY! Don't just go busting in!" "Then get out!" "Fine!" *comes out* "I hate this..." 'Alex' mumbled. "OMG, you look great! You have gotta show the others"
  8. What color is your suit?
  9. Does it have a skirt?
  10. Do you have a jacket on
  11. Do you have jean shorts as bottoms

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