___murderous___part 2

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ok so same with the first quiz if u like this one then tell me and i'll make more but if u say it's bad then i'll stop. i really hope u like it =)).

ok so same with the first quiz if u like this one then tell me and i'll make more but if u say it's bad then i'll stop. i really hope u like it =).PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE AND IF U LIKE TELL UR FRIENDS

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  1. ok first did u read part one? "___murderous___"
  2. oh and by the way, if u got Stefen that's brown eyes, and if u got derrick that's green eyes.
  3. ok so last time u were sneaking in with Stefen and Derrick and kate screamed who turned off the lights right?
  4. ok so gets dark and u all turn around and see this tall shadowy figure standing above u, u cant see it's face.
  5. so the shadowy figure says, "so u wanna be bad kids huh? I'll show u what happens to bad kids around here." "what are u gonna do to us?" u ask. it says," have any of u heard of andy miller?" u, kate, and ky nod. and do u know what happened to andy miller?" "his parents sent him t-t-to m-m-military school. "or did they"
  6. so the thing bends down and u can see it's face. it's all red and bloody and mutlated. (eww) and it picks u all up and stuffs u guys into bags. then knocks u guys out and puts u in a car.
  7. ok so u wake up and u find everybody staring at u. "What" u say. and Kate and KY start screaming. then u start screaming. u look at urself and ur glowing!!!!
  8. u look out the window and u see this little "clip" like thing and it shows u and Stefen chained to a wall and the guy with the mutilated face (still eww) is there and pulls out a chainsaw. then it stops and u start screaming and u cant stop.
  9. So after about six minutes of screaming u stop and EVERYONE'S staring at u. and ur'e just like "what, what happened?" U dont remember anything except the vision not the screaming. "ahh just forget it."
  10. ok so u guys end up at this Rat Shack somewhere out of Miami. and ur all super scared(obviously) and u guys get shoved into the rat shack. Then Mutilated face guy(we'll just call MFG) clicks a big blue button and the rat shack turns to this HUMONGUS, GIGANTIC, BIG, SHINY, house. THEEEN it turns to a mansion. =)and MFG kicks Kate,Ky, and Derrick. then he shoves u and Stefen into a blue tube. and ur'e gone.
  11. so everyone comes running in and they find u guys gone. "AHHH they both scream at the same time." ...........
  13. OK also if u got Jason, Mason, or Dameon. u havent met them yet but u will and that means when u do ur like them.

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