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You are witnessing the final chapters of *Forbidden Love* Hey guys! I got this one out much faster and I made sure to make it a little long. Thanks for reading my quizzes so far! This part will give you a shock and put you on the edge of your seat. I'll try to get the next part out faster. Here's something you should know, the rules. John is not allowed to be near you until the date and it has to be where the date is set. He cannot contact you and you can't contact him. But he can watch you from afar. Thanks so much!

And here's the love quote for the quiz. "Only fools fall in love... and I guess I'm one of them." Cute isn't it? Gotta love the love quotes. Well, thanks so much and I hope you like this quiz. Stay tuned for the next one.

Created by: cheese1234

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  2. A man was standing in the doorway. Carlos bowed his head and said, "Sir, I brought you the girl." This must be Joseph. You refused to bow your head. You just stared at him, examining him. He was blonde. He was really skinny, tall, narrow nose, tiny light blue eyes, and thin, colorless lips. You got kind of creeped out and took a small step back but you didn't stop glaring at him. He held his position firmly and spoke, "perfect. Lock her up in here."
  3. Carlos led you to a table and you refused to be locked up. As much as you liked him and wanted to help him, you were NOT going to lay there and let him watch you die. There was no way anyone except Joseph was dying tonight. "______, please." He whispered. "Please what? Please let myself die? Please let myself let Joseph kill me? No! No way!" you whispered back.
  4. He sighed but he didn't say anything. He stared at you. You gave him a look with pleading eyes and you noticed the edge of his lip twitch just a millimeter but it disappeared just as fast."_____, please, get on the table." He said sternly. You scoffed and shook your head. He grabbed you from the shoulders and pushed you onto the hard, metal table. You struggled but he was, for some reason, stronger. Stupid wizards! He was practically on top of you as you struggled to get out of his grasp. His knees held your legs still and his hands held down your shoulders. As soon as your wrists touched a certain area on the table, shackles appeared and held you still.
  5. "No! Carlos. No!" You shouted. "Im so sorry." He whispered his voice breaking. As angry as you wanted to be, you knew it wasn't his fault. He only wanted to save his sister. But you knew very well that she was suffering as much as Carlos was. And you bet he knew that too. He just didn't want to believe it.
  6. He crawled off of you and Joseph stood in front of him. You continued struggling but stopped to watch. You regretted it the moment you saw him slap Carlos in the stomach and Carlos flew backwards and against the wall. Anger boiled up inside of you and a small roar slipped your throat. You certainly received his attention.
  7. He stepped up to you and gripped your throat. You couldn't breathe and for a second, you felt helpless. "Down kitty." He mumbled. You figured that's how he saw you. You got angry and you burned his hand off. He jumped back and shook his hand as if he could wave off the pain. "Stupid creature!" he mumbled under his breath. A swarm of playfulness washed over you. You spoke with a surprisingly childish tone, "stupid? I think it was a pretty smart way to get out of your hold. I believe the idiot who dared to choke a where-tiger was stupid." He glared at you and you gave a childlike smile.
  8. Then a smile pulled at his lips. He looked amused. "Let the girl do as she wishes. After all, she only has a few more minutes to live." He chimed. You didn't let your smile drop, "mmm... And I'd like to spend my time wisely. You wouldn't have a cherimoya, would you? I heard it was a very unusual fruit and I've always wanted to try it." He scowled at your remark and the door opened. He turned to face the intruder only to find Riley walking in with a limping Isaac. Your smile dropped and you began to thrash about again.
  9. He looked up at you with sore eyes and something snapped inside of you. They locked him up at a table beside you. You've never seen him so weak, so vulnerable so... Broken. Tears welled up in your eyes but you bit them back. *Isaac?* he looked at you and thought, *I'm faking it. Don't worry. I'll be fine.* Isaac would never lie to you. He was terrible at it. So you believed him. He could handle himself. You needed to worry about getting out of here. The lights dimmed. Carlos groaned. Riley stood beside him. He was about to stand but when she looked at him, he cowered and stayed down.
  10. "I want the girl first." Joseph stated. Isaac's table moved and was standing right beside you. He looked down at you, eyes wild. Just then, Joseph was on top of you. You didn't move. Your eyes were wide in shock and he leaned in.
  11. "Would you like the kiss or the bite? Either one's fine with me." He asked. You glared at him and said, "no matter which one you choose, you're signing your death warrant. Though I must warn you, a kiss would cost you a slower, more painful death." He replied, "Do you even know how to torture a vampire?" you raised your eyebrow; "do you even know how to kill the where-tiger?" He answered, "Want me to demonstrate?" "Only if you let me demonstrate first." You retorted. "All you need is a few bad memories and a sharp knife." He stated. You narrowed your eyes at him and said, "And all I need is a small fire and a sharp piece of wood."
  12. *CRUNCH* there was an immense pain in your neck and you felt like you were choking on your own saliva. After a few seconds, you realized it was blood. The last thing you saw before you blacked out was black hair and purple streaks. You felt someone shaking you and wet drops on your cheek. You wanted to open your eyes but you were so tired. You wanted to sleep. "_______! ____________!!!!" voices were screaming. One arguing with another, "She's dead. She's not waking up." One voice said. Another one contradicted, "No she's not! Wake your freakin' cat ears up! Don't you hear it? Her heart's still beating!" the other one disagreed, "she's barely even breathing! She's as good as dead." Soon, you noticed the voices being Violet and Dulce.
  13. Another voice interrupted, "Shut it! Both of you! She's not dead. She can't be dead!" it was Isaac, "She's faking it. I just know she is." Carlos interrupted, "I used every inch of my powers to mend the wound. She HAS TO be alive." Isaac spoke to you softly. It reminded you of when you were children and you had nightmares when your parents weren't home. He'd cuddle up next to you and speak with a very soft voice to calm you down. Just as he was doing right now, "_______. Hey... you're my little sister." His voice broke, "you have to wake up. Please. Wake up." You managed to make a sound and mumble, "you're older than me by, like, a minute and 30 seconds." You slurred. You heard chuckling and cheering. "_____! Wake up. Open your eyes!!"
  14. It was Layla. You coughed and after a few seconds, managed to open your eyes. You were in the same room and you noticed the entire streak was down there and Carlos. You touched the side of your neck and didn't find any mark whatsoever. "How did you-"you began but Isaac cut you off, "Carlos. He healed you before you could die." You looked at Carlos and he blushed, looking away. "Can I have a mango?" you asked. Violet laughed, "You almost died by the most powerful vampire gang boss and your asking for fruit?" You raised your eyebrows, "yes. But, I guess I'll just ask for what happened."
  15. Isaac explained, "well, while Joseph was sucking the life out you, Violet broke into the room with the streak and... Layla just show her." Layla rolled her eyes and you closed yours. She was in your head and she showed you everything that just happened. (The next few paragraphs will be in Layla's point of view)
  16. *"shh! It's in here!" Violet said. You made room for her and Dulce broke through the door. Violet charged in first with Andrew. The streak followed and you went last. You were too scared to see what was happening. You stepped foot in the room and immediately knew who was where and what they were doing. It was a telepath thing. You searched desperately for _______'s active mind but found nothing. Vampires charged at you, one after the other but you fought them off effortlessly. ^find ____. I have to look for ____! ^You thought to yourself.
  17. You started to close your eyes and began searching. Various members of the streak were in tiger form, biting heads off of vampires... Riley was fighting Andrew. Violet was unlocking Isaac, who was already kicking off another vampire. Carlos was using his powers to find a girl with black hair and hazel eyes. Then... ugh! No ___! Her mind must be inactive but, not even a sign of an active subconscious. That's not right "˜cause then that'd mean she's... oh no!
  18. Your eyes went wild looking for her. Then finally you look at the table next to Isaac and see blood dripping from _____'s neck. She was pale and her lips looked purple. Her clothes were tattered and worn out. "____? No... ___!!!!!!!!" you screamed as you ran to her. You held her body close to you. Your best friend was dead. Your best friend was dead! The vampires fled and Joseph disappeared. Only a handful remained fighting and Andrew was badly injured. Violet was fighting Riley off and Carlos was healing Isaac. The rest of the streak was fighting off the other vampires. You looked at Violet for help but she was busy fighting Riley. "John trusted you! You were supposed to protect her!" Violet screamed.
  19. Riley replied calmly, "calm down, Vi. I did what's best for me. You know you would do the same thing." Violet slammed her into the wall and said, "No, I wouldn't. We've known John since before we were bitten. Trusted him with all our hearts. What happened?" Violet punched her in the nose. Riley grabbed her by the blouse and turned so that Violet was against the wall, "I accepted what I am. As should you." Violet tripped her and was now on top of her. "I did accept what I am. I am a vampire that feeds off of non- magical animals just as you were. I don't know what happened to you but you better get your facts straight and choose your side."
  20. Riley struggled under Violet's grasp as she spoke, "This side gives me more power. Have you ever tried where-tiger blood? I have and it's the most beautiful and delicious blood I have ever had. Can't you smell it? The girl still has some left. Take it. Drink it. Join me, Vi. You'll love it." Violet punched her in the face and said, "I'd kill you myself but I believe John would like to do it himself considering what you did to the girl." Riley laughed, "John's dead! Joseph went to kill him himself just as he killed her." Violet's face altered, "you let them kill John?" she asked softly, and then she shouted, "He trusted you! After everything that's happened, he trusted you! And you sent him to the depths of where you came from!" Riley laughed heartedly and Violet yanked off her head. Riley was now officially dead.
  21. Violet looked at you and then at the lifeless body in your arms. She sighed and spoke softly, "I'm so sorry." The whole streak looked towards you then at the corpse you were holding. They finished off the vampires and cried. _____ was dead. Carlos finished healing Isaac and looked at ______. He shook his head in disbelief, "I can heal her. I know I can." He said as he rushed over to her. He held her in his arms and a glowing light began to come off of her. Isaac was unconscious on the ground. After a few minutes, _____ was now lying on the table, still as ever and with a very slow and uneasy heartbeat. It was failing by the hour. Isaac awoke and was crying by her side the entire time.*
  22. (Back in your point of view) your vision returned with tears in your eyes and Isaac was staring at you. He was expecting you to say something. Then you spoke the first thing that came to your mind, "it's a good thing I was asleep during all that time." Everyone began to laugh and Isaac gave you a tight hug, "I'm so sorry. I couldn't do anything. _____, I'm so, so sorry! I-"you cut him off. "It's okay! Relax! I'm alive now, aren't I? What we need to do is help John." "We don't even know where he is." Renzo pitched in. Violet replied, "Mmm... I have an idea."
  23. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!1

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