Life After Death

He guys welcome to my quiz :) You are a half-vampire, your Mum got pregnant to a freshly turned vampire, who's body was still functioning. Your mum encouraged you from a very young age to hunt vampires down and kill them, trying to make them pay for what happened to you both. Your supernatural abilities include enhanced strength, speed, hearing, eyesight and smell. Your eyes also glow green when you feel a strong emotion

The quiz starts at a club where you have gone to hunt vampires who are stupid enough to cross your path. Please rate and comment so that I know if you guys like it :) :)

Created by: Princess_Demon
  1. The noise of the crowd and the music did nothing to cover the tingle in the air that announced the arrival of a vampire.
  2. You catch on to the source of the tingling. A vampire was sliding into a booth and ordering a drink. He looked young, definitely early twenties when he was turned, his brown hair was cut short and his face was lean and chiseled
  3. You walked over and he looked up curiously. You gulped as you looked into blue eyes with flecks of grey in them. You say
  4. He smiles and you try not faint as he takes your breath away. He tells you that his name is Matt. You nod mutely. You are thinking
  5. He invites you to sit down and you agree. You spend a few hours talking and drinking with him, he seems like a nice guy... blood sucking murderer aside. He asks if he can drive you home. You
  6. He leads you out to the carpark and you clutch your purse tightly, feeling the stake you had hidden there press comfortingly into your hand. You stop by his car and you make your move whipping out the stake and plunging it towards his body.
  7. He is a second to quick for you and he spins himself out of harms way, disarming you in the process. He darts back towards you and before you can react you feel yourself slipping into darkness.
  8. You wake up and you're in a large-ish room. It's pretty bare with just a desk with a lamp, a chair and a king-sized bed. You are still in the short dress, but your shoes and your purse have been taken away, leaving you weaponless. You stand up quietly and tiptoe towards the door. You can hear yelling somewhere in the house. You ease open the door and find yourself in a hallway. You tiptoe down it, suddenly all you can hear are hisses and snarls and you're surrounded by four vampires.
  9. "We just want to ask you some questions." Matt assures you as they shepherd you back into the bedroom. You hurriedly sit down on the bed. The vamp with dark curly hair that drooped onto his forehead scoffs. He eyes you appreciatively with his sparkling, bright blue eyes and tells you he would like to eat you and be done with it.
  10. The vampire with black hair, cropped close to his head shifts irritably and orders the others to get on with it, his black eyes flashing. The dirty blonde pushes himself away from the desk he was leaning on as he laughs and tells Mr. Tall, Dark and Scary to lighten up. He strides forward and introduces himself. "I'm Tyler, this is Ben" he said pointing to the vamp in a bad mood, "thats Damon," he said pointing to the blue eyed vamp "and you know Matt." He grins at you and his hazel eyes twinkle.
  11. "Enough of this." Ben growls as he glares at you menacingly. "Who do you work for?" Your eyes widen in confusion. Before you can answer, Damon is standing on the bed and pinning you by the throat to the wall. You kick and struggle but he overpowers you easily. "We've watched you for a while, humans don't get that good at slaying vampires without training." He hisses in your ear. To your surprise he suddenly leans in and kisses you
  12. Growls and snarls erupt around the room and Damon is ripped away from you. You sink onto the bed, shaking. "I don't work for anyone." You manage to stammer out. Matt sits on the bed next to you but you edge away.
  13. "How can you explain your slaying ability?" He asks you. You tell him that your half vampire and the room goes deathly quiet. "If you lie again i will let Damon bite you." Ben says glaring at you.
  14. Your eyes fill with tears in fear and you tell him that your telling the truth. He isn't going to believe you until you look up and he sees your eyes glowing green. "Oh my God!!" Ben exclaims and the others gather around you, shocked. All of a sudden they straighten up and at a word from Ben, they leave the room. Tyler is last and winks at you as he walks out. He tells you that they'll be right back.
  15. After a short while all four vampires come back into the room. Damon is scowling, Tyler is grinning, Matt looks hopeful. Ben looks as serious as ever. "_______ we have a business proposition to make..." Ben begins
  16. Well thats the end of the first quiz, please remember to rate and leave a comment so that I know that you like it :) Which vamp do you like?

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