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Created by: angelic4

  1. Before we begin, to all the Never From Ordinary Love, Teen Spies, and Love In The Middle Ages takers, this is just a side quiz, i'm still doing all those series, yes i know it's a lot of series for me, i should concentrate on one, but i can't, but i am going to finish all my series no matter what. Lets begin
  2. Scene: Just arriving in New England, from England, a couple (Robert and Marie Cunning) with to babies are leaving the ship Calac around noon, it's a foggy day
  3. "Watch your step Marie" a young, handsome, dark haired man around his early 30's said "Ofcourse Robert" a blonde haired woman aroung her late 20's replieed, she was carefully holding two babes in her arms as she stepped out of the ship ,Calac, "Are you ready to start a new life" Robert asked his beautiful wife Marie "Yes, as long as it is with you, and these two" she said looking at the two babies. They came from England to live in the house that was left for them by their dead uncle and all his riches. They arrived at their new estate and started living there
  4. Scene: 17 years later, in the 1860's, in the estate's beautiful garden
  5. "She quietly crept towards his quarters, in an imple nightgown, this time he will not ignore her" a young, enchanting girl, with ginger hair and velvety brown eyes, at the age of 17, read aloud with enthuasism (sp) "Go on Jessie" an old woman said "Yes m'am" she was about to continue reading, when "Jesselina?" a woman called. She rushed towards the voice "Yes mother?" she said. Marie Cunning, her mother, said "I wish for you to escort your father and myself to the Farmers Market" "I cannot Mother, I have errands to run" she lied "Very well" her mother said "Robert, let us depart!" her voice echoed in the big mansion
  6. The couple departed, as the horse drawn carriage left Jesselina rejoiced "Finally, the house to myself" (I'm going to be switching from 3rd person to 1st person, so now i'm doing 1st person) I had so many thing to do, where to begin "Ofcourse the library!" I exclaimed. I went to the library, the only place where my imagination could run free, i decided to read my favorite book 'Dark Ages' as I finished reading it, I decided to go for a walk. I took my gloves and bonnet with me, though i did not freshen up, mother does not permit me of leaving the house without freshenig up, but what she doesn't know will not hurt her.
  7. I went out for the walk, half way in my walk, somebody grabbed me by the waist and whispered "Jesselina" I quickly spun around "For Petesake, John don't sneak up on me like that, I could have hurt you" I say to the male a few inches taller than me, with black hair and cclear blue eyes "As you wish my love" this was the first time he ever called me that, I blushed, his grin widened. "What beings you outside" he asked "Fresh air, the house was lonely, with noone inside" i said as he held my hand, and we started walking hand in hand. "Are you coming?" "If you are referring to the party, i am not, i just want to relax" he looked disappointed but not much, that was my John's flaw, he needed reputation to survive. As we were walking a familiar voice shouted our names "John, Jessie" my bestfriend, with brown hair and black eyes came towards us "Hello Courtney" John said, she blushed "Oh, hello John, Jessie, are you coming to the party" "No" "You should, everyone is expecting you to be there" "Well they're a going to have to see me next time" She looked sad for a moment, "How about you John" "I am coming" These two people in my life, how could i have gotten them
  8. "I fear it's getting late, I should be heading home" I said "We'll escort you" "Ofcourse" On the way back home, John and Courtney kept on talking about the big party. I had reached the house, only to find two men and my Aunt Milda, a handsome woman with auburn hair and black eyes, waiting for us "Auntie?" I say "Jessie" she says in a shaky voice, I fear something was amiss. "Shall we get in miss" a man said interrupting my thought "Yes" i reply. We all went in the house, and I sat down, John was still holding my hand, and he squezzed (sp?)it "Jessie these nice men, have something to tell you" my aunt Milda said in a cracking voice "Miss Cunning, I am sorry to inform you that---- CLIFFHANGER
  9. I thought that would be the perfecct place for a Cliffhanger, i think you all have been wondering why i'm so late with posting my series, the truth is I use my cellphone not my laptop, so my series are late, and my hands are painful from texting all these, so please don't be upset with me, it's so hard to use a cellphone, and i get tempted to use texting language (you: why don't you use your laptop?) I cant use my laptop cause my dad think i waste all the money in his moderm, so he won't pay, until febuary, i probably do waste so much time on the net, and on Facebook (it's addicting)
  10. I want to thank this awesome use for inspiration on this series with her Love Found At Sea series. Wolfygirl you were my inspiration. Her series are awesome, and she posts like 5 of them in a day, which is great, i cant even do that in a week, read all her series they're great my favorite is Tough Romance, and the sequel is Love Found At Sea
  11. Ok I don't know how many people take the series Beautiful Secrets, but the user's birthday is on the 27th, so she had one wish, which i think we can all make it happen, she want at least a part of her series to go on the feautured page (you: that's hard me: do it for Dannica) my plan is simple, please go to every quiz, every series, tell the to take Beautiful Secrets part1, make a 7 minutes in Heave since people are addivted to those and tell them to take part 1, go to the forums in every category and tell them to take part 1 of Beautiful Secrets, let's make a girl's dream come true we can do it, go on facebook, twitter, myspace, mxit, anywhere tell them to take Beautiful Secrets part1, so let's do it. Tell people in your series as well, and your quizzes

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