The Sea Is A Magical Place... Part 3

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Wlcome to part 3 of my new series: "The Sea Is A Magical Place..."! Well, this is about the nineteen-year old Illia Zayra, who's dream is to sail on the sea!

There will be TWO GUYS, only two, that will fall in love with her, and in the end, she'll have to choose one of them. I think I forgot to mention that she loves both of the guys! Or does she? Well, here are the descriptions of them: Renan Dreyar - Short, copper-coloured hair and emerald green eyes. Tall, a little tanned skin. Incredibly handsome, and has a really sexy voice. Zero DiLua - Short, jet black hair and deep, warm and beautiful brown eyes. Tall, and very tanned skin, because of all the times he's been sailing. Just as handsome as Renan. Also has a very sexy voice.

Created by: DarknessOnMyEyes

  1. RECAP: You were kidnapped by a pirate named Zero(who is REALLY hot :D), who's very familiar to you, though you don't remember where you've seen him before. Now he was about to tell you why, but his captain called him to do something, but he decided that he'll tell you before attending the captain. Meanwhile, Renan, your fiancée, has started a journey, to search for you over the sea. You remember, right?
  2. Zero opened his mouth again to explain, but then the same voice yelled his name again, more impatiently. I sighed frustrated. "You better go now. I don't wat to give you trouble." I mumbled. He stood up and walked towards the door, not answering. When he was gone, I laid down in the bed. What had that dream been? Why did I dream it? Something was very familiar about it. If I'm right, my mother told me a story like that once... Oh well. What was I going to do now? I couldn't leave the lodging. I sat up and looked around. There was a desk with some pergaments, a feather pen and a candle on it. Then there was a small wardrobe. I walked up to it, and opened the wardrobe door. Inside were some shirts in different colors, and three pairs of pants, two of them beige and one black. Since there was no way I'd keep wearing the same dress I was wearing now until.... Well, until we stopped in some port, I decided that I'd borrow some of his clothes.
  3. I looked at the options. I guess Zero wouldn't have dresses. Finally, I took the black pants, and a dark purple shirt. Since I was a little thinner and not as tall as Zero, it was a little oversize, so I ripped out a bit from my dress, that was white, and wrapped it around my waist, so that the pants wouldn't fall nor the shirt be too loose. Just then Zero came in again, not looking at me. "You don't happen to have a mirror or something, do you?" I asked, pulling out my hair from the destroyed bun. He stared at me. "You manage to look good even in man-clothes, don't you?" he stated. I smirked. "You didn't answer my question. Neither of them." I replied as I pulled my fingers through my hair, trying to remove most of the hassle. "Okay, first: No, I don't have a mirror." he started. "And second?" I asked. "You're just as stubborn as I remember, Illia." he said, looking at the ceiling. "What?" I asked, confused.
  4. "First, let me tell you a story. There were two kids. A boy, and a girl, who was one year younger than the boy. They played together everyday, never getting tired of each other. They were best friends, they were as close as siblings, but, and the people of the town they lived in used to say that they were surely going to marry each other some day. They were inseparable. They played everyday, for years. Untill, one day when the girl was nine and the boy was ten, the boy disappeared." Zero said. My eyes teared up. He was describing my dream. How could he know about it? "The boy had been taken, by a warlock. The warlock left the boy in a beach of a deserted island, when he had no longer use for the boy. He was alone. A ten-year old boy, having to get his food all by himself, learning to find safe places when the weather was bad, and fighting against beasts. One day, a man found him. He was a pirate, but even so he pitied the boy. So the man decided that he'd take the boy with him, and give him food and a bed at night, as long as the boy also became a pirate and helped the man. The boy accepted, as he had a feeling that he wasn't going to survive much longer on his own." Zero continued.
  5. "The boy was you, wasn't it? And the man who helped you was captain Yori, right?" I stated. He nodded. "Who was the girl?" I asked. "It was you." he whispered, looking away from the ceiling into my eyes. I didn't answer. I didn't want to. I couldn't. "I missed you so much, Illia..." Zero said. The tears I had been fighting to hold back began to fall. In milliseconds, my arms were around his neck, my head buried in his chest, and his arms were pulling me closer. Everything began coming back to me. The following months after he disappeared, all the tears I'd shed and the pain of losing my best friend, all the times his father searched in the areas near Azalea and coming back without any news. The dream I had last night hadn't been a dream. It had been a memory.
  6. **Prince Theo's Point Of View** [Dear cousin, please, I need your help. A pirate ship attacked Azalea, and one of the filthy pirates dared kidnap my fiancée. I need your help searching for the ship. Send me back this bird, together with an answer, if you agree on on helping me. Your cousin, Renan Dreyar] My eyes wandered to the dove who did bring this letter to me. Of course I'd help him, he's my best friend! I knew that I wasn't the best cousin, but still Renan had asked ME for help. How could I say no? Without any further thoughts about it, I ordered one of the servants for a pergament, and a feather pen. Never mind MY own searching, my cousin needed me.
  7. **Captain Yori's Point Of View** Argh, it seemed like Bleen needed help again. Fine, maybe he was very young and new in the crew, but he had to be able to do something on his own, right? I guess Zero need to help him again... I shrugged, and headed towards Zero's lodging. I know I didn't show it much, but I really cared for that boy. He was like a son to me. I was about to open the door, when I heard a female voice in there. Zero wasn't alone? "Who was the girl?" the woman asked. "It was you." I heard Zero's voice answer. There was silence, untill Zero spoke again. "I missed you so much, Illia..." Illia? Was the girl Zero had told me about when I found him in there, with him? How did she get in there? I opened the door quietly. The two of them were with their arms around each other. Hm. I'd leave them alone, by now. They looked really in love...
  8. **Renan's Point Of View** I was looking at the sea. It felt like it had been only seconds, but in the same time it felt like hours. No one dared interrupt me. I had only known Illia for a couple hours, but I was starting to fall in love with her. She really wasn't like anyone else. She was different. She was special.
  9. Okay, I can't think of anything anymore. I've got some serious writer's block, and I can't think of any more points of view from other persons to end this story. I hate when stories end like this, that not all the questions are filled with parts of the story. It's annoying, but now I understand it can't be helped sometimes :/
  10. So, what did you think of it? Sorry it was so short, but my creativity is at a fragile point right now.... I have to read more books to get inspiration(OBS: I DO NOT COPY OTHER'S STORIES. I'M SORRY IF IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR QUIZ OR SOMETHING, BUT KNOW THAT I GOT THOSE IDEAS ALL BY MYSELF) Rate and comment, please :) I'll only make the next part after some comments ;P

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