my love life part 12

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hey guys! okay, i think this has to be my longest quiz. lots of thanks to Alexandra_18o because she gave me the ideas in this quiz. by the way, if you want to find the next quiz in the series, it will now be called M.L.L P13. and on and on continuing the series... as in p14,p15 etc...

thank you so much for waiting all this time. its just that I've been so taken by these books I've been reading and i haven't been on my laptop for a while. so.. yeah. p.s. if you would, please comment, rate, and leave suggestions.

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. recap- . you see a large tiger come and it roared at you. then you see...
  2. see... three more peoples come to you. it was Aaron who came to you and he transformed human. Zera, John, and Tony caught up to you and gave you a curious look.
  3. Aaron asks you angrily why you have been left alone by Alex in the middle of the woods. you calm him down and start to explain, "he was too cold and i already had that cold chill spreading throughout my body. so i told him to put me down. i expected him to let me run with him but instead he just dropped me here. so i healed myself and i guess i'm warming up here. my body heat is spreading so i'm heating up. i'm fine really. i healed my leg. i'm just focusing as to where i can go for shelter. but, i'm glad you came." you say smiling trying not to get yourself nor Alex in trouble.
  4. Aaron speaks with obviously a forced smile and anger in his eyes, "okay. i need to talk to him. it's his job to care for you. it's not like he's going to die! he's a vampire for your sake. you can ride on my back if you want to. just don't choke me or pull my fur too hard." you smile excited to ride him. then he transforms and you jump on him. he starts to run and you see everything pass you so quickly. and he was so warm.
  5. *at the house* Zera sends you to your room and john to his. the others crowd around Alex's room pounding on the door.
  6. you get a little scared so you sneak to John's room. on your way, you hear Aaron yell, "if you don't open it, i'll knock it straight down." then Alex said,"do it! see if i care!" you rush to John's room and you both start chatting about how crazy its all been.
  7. then you hear a bang,creak, and a loud thud. then john said, "and there goes the door." you two stat laughing and decide to be quiet to hear what's going on.
  8. you hear a mixture of yelling and shouting. you guys assumed it was just them arguing but not until you heard Z scream, you two ran over to alex's room downstairs.
  9. john runs faster than you and he beats you to it. but by the time you get to the room, you hear him scream.
  10. you ran inside and took a look around. Aaron was in tiger form fighting off three men in black. obviously vampires, they'r really fast. Tony is trying to help John fight off a vampire and do some spell you cant understand. you look at Zera tying someone on the bed with unicorn chains (chains made of unicorn horns that can hold any power and strength). you look behind you and find a man dressed in black with a large black body bag. you light it on fire and look back at the room. for a second, the vampire Zera was fighting looked like Alex. you look again and she is tying Alex to his bed. you think for a moment and reason with the fact that Zera could be your enemy. you were going to help him when Zera yelled, "Julia! run!!" then you wondered, "why would my enemy help me?" Aaron's voice popped in your head and said, "Alex is a secret spy! we'll explain the rest later. you need to run!"
  11. but you don't run. you freeze. how can a friend you've known for such a long time and have somewhat fallen in love with, be your enemy? Answer: Just like that!
  12. all the vampires moving around here and there made you very dizzy so you gave one very loud scream and everyone stopped what they were doing. they all looked at you and Zera ran right in front of you. she whispered, "No, Jules. you just made them all notice you. now we're in deeper crap." they all charge at you and you put on your little shield.
  13. Zera starts fighting them off and one jumps on her. you don't know how to fight but you try to light him on fire. the man laughs and says, "i'm power-proof you fool!" he's about to rip off her head when john tackles him to the ground.
  14. the vampire breaks his arm and you tackle him. you were so over-powered with your anger that you ripped off his head and lit him up in flames. you looked around at the others and the men in black untie Alex. Zera tries to catch him but they take off in fear. you look out the window and see Andrew. he looked at you and darkened his eyes. you saw him walk away, then, you fell asleep...
  15. you wake up in your room and john is right beside you along with tony who is trying to look for a spell in his spell book to heal him. you roll your eyes and said, "oh, Tony look for a spell to keep outsiders out unless they'r invited in. i'll heal john.
  16. you grew a flower from the carpet made of REAL grass and had him drink the juice. his arm started to glow and next thing you know, it's fixed!! tony cast the spell and said, "Done. how are you feeling?" "i'm fine." you reply. and immediately, Aaron replies, "yes you are!" obviously joking. even when you were young, Aaron would always make you feel happy and cheer you up. even if it did mean complimenting your body which he rarely did. it didn't really bother you that much.
  17. you grew a flower from the carpet made of REAL grass and had him drink the juice. his arm started to glow and next thing you know, it's fixed!! tony cast the spell and said, "Done. how are you feeling?" "i'm fine." you reply. and immediately, Aaron replies, "yes you are!" obviously joking. even when you were young, Aaron would always make you feel happy and cheer you up. even if it did mean complimenting your body which he rarely did. it didn't really bother you that much.
  18. you smiled and laughed along with him. then, tony said, "listen, you did good last night but you need to learn how to fight. it is very important. i'm going to teach you as soon as your class with Aaron is over." he said in a serious tone. you nod in agreement as you look at Tony. he looked at you with longing eyes and his lips curved into a perfect smile.
  19. Aaron speaks and you look over to him. he says, "oh! that reminds me! today, we'll work on orbing"(props to Alexandra_18o). you smile excitedly and get up. he escorts you down to the power room and says, " this is the easiest of all. just imagine your self somewhere else. only you have to close your eyes every time or else it doesn't work. for beginners practice, try to orb behind me." you close your eyes and do as he says. he was right! it was easy. only one problem, you felt very dizzy and collapsed to the ground. you were still conscious. just a little light-headed. as you struggled to catch your breath he said, "oh. sorry. that's my bad. i forgot to mention to hold your breath as well." you caught your breath and stood up saying, "yeah thanks for the tip. it was very useful". he laughed and you tried again. the class passed and you aced orbing.
  20. okay, time passed and Tony is going to teach you how to fight. he showed you some self defense tricks and you really learned a lot. you even came up with some pretty good tricks mixing fighting and powers yourself!
  21. you were finishing up the class with a few punches on a dummy when Zera stormed into the room with her face full of worry. Tony asks, "what's wrong? what happened?" and she answered quickly, " i saw it! it happened!!" she says alarmed. "what happened? what'd you see?!" you ask/yell. she says staring at the floor with her eyes shifting back and forth, "they killed her. she's dead! Andrew and Belinda killed the Queen! they are in reign now. you do not exist yet. nobody knows you are the rightful queen except us and them!" you both stare in shock. you all run upstairs to tell John and Aaron. then, you take the rest of the day to rest. its been a while since you got proper sleep.
  22. the next day, you and Zera want to go out. you remember that before you were dating Andrew, you loved to read books! it was a passion to get lost in stories of fantasies and love and adventure. and now that you live in one, it reminds you more of a horror movie than a romance novel. So, Zera took you to the library and wanting to stick with her, John dragged along too. he thought you two were going to see a movie. "oh well! lets read books instead." Zera tells john as you enter the library. John whines after her, "do we have to? it's boring!" the librarian shushes him and he makes a rude face in reply. Zera elbows him in the stomach and whispers, "it's a movie in your min. try it". they both started to bicker softly when you find a certain book in a shelf named mythical creatures. you slide it out and find it covered in dust. you blow it off and find the cover. it is Titled "Quells". "shhh! shut up look what i found" you whisper.
  23. you guys sit down and start reading. you open the book and find it saying, "as Quells aren't very famous or popular creatures, they are the most powerful and dangerous. they can either be good or bad. they get along with other mythical creatures unless they harm or threaten them. their only enemy is themselves or each other. if they get along with themselves then they do not get along with other Quells. there is a certain Quell who gets along with themselves and others, unless the others are full of jealousy and ego, and that is the Queen Quell. she is meant to keep peace in the Quells and other mythical creatures." you all look at each other then they both look at you. you turn the page and see something that looks like a prophecy. it is in a foreign language.
  24. however, you do see a picture and you are shocked when you see it. it is, a picture.....of YOU! CLIFFHANGER!!!!
  25. oh! and i'm sorry, i forgot to tell you this in the beginning of the quiz, you must read the top paragraphs. if you don't you will not be able to find the next quiz ion my series.

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