[= **>>EMO TEST

WELL WELL WELL...LOOK WHO IT IS!! There are many emo's out there but not all are *~PURE EMO~*!! What is an emo?? An emo is someone who is...well thats for you to find out =]

aha sooo...want to know how emo you are?? or you already know, your just bored?! Well i was bored and needed something to do. Well take the test, what harm can five minutes do eh?? =] *~ENJOY~*

Created by: Tiiffee =]
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you had to listen to any band what would it be??
  2. what is your favourite colour??
  3. do you cut??
  4. (if you answered yesh) Y DO YOU CUT??
  5. Do you cry alot??
  6. what ish your favourite cartoon??
  7. which do you like best??
  8. do you blast your music??
  9. which style do you like best??
  10. *~LAST QUESTION~* why did you take the test??

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