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  • OMG!!! 100% girly!!!;-)

    YOU ARE GIRLY!You like to tea party, and go shopping. You would NEVER buy a truck and you would rarley sit in public bathrooms. Your guy has to be a perfect gentlemen.

  • To true. Tomboy. 10/10 stars.

  • I am a little girly, but not like they described it. I would buy a truck. A FORD truck. (I'm built Ford TOUGH...lol) and my BF is not a perfect gentleman..he is cute and funny though!!!!

  • You are 31% Girly!

    YOU ARE TOMBOY!YOu like the mud, dirt, and ocational showers! You dont like skirts, or cars! YOu would buy a Monster truck ANYDAY! You are considered "ONE OF THE MEN". Your guy has to be able to burp his A, B, C's.

    Puppy xo1

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