What is an evil person? That is for me to know once you've done the quiz, and for you to find out once you've done the quiz. Evil people are cool! However...and evil can be described with only 5 types of letters ...MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Everyone wants to be good right? WRONG!!! With out evil people in the world, Spider man or Superman wouldn't have a reason to save the city now would they? That is why we need you to take this quiz! By the by, only people who own shovels should take this quiz.

Created by: Tizzle

  1. What is "evil" to you?
  2. You leave your house to go somewhere...what does your house look like?
  3. Okay, so you just left your house and are walking down the street. You come across a box that says, "Free Puppies" with 7 adorable wet nosed Labrador puppies whining to get out. What do you do?
  4. Be honest, what do you do with your shovel?
  5. You keep walking and arrive at your friend's house. What do you guys do?
  6. AAAH! It turns out your best friend is a secret agent spy that says your arrested! You...
  7. Before you have time to react to your back stabbing friend, a fellow IAECIHTW rescues by throwing you a jet pack. You quickly put it on and escape. What is your reaction?
  8. While you are escaping on the jet back, you take the time to ponder at some things. So, that being said, what is animal is evil to you?
  9. Do you like puppies?
  10. You land safely away from your friend's house. You go to Starbucks and order...
  11. Final Question....How evil do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: am I EVIL????