how old is a donkeys uncle

The Epic poem Beowulf is a story about a person called Beowulf. No one knows the creator of this epic tale. Beowulf kills a monster named Grendel and after he kills Grendel he returns to a place called Herot and becomes a hero and there king. This story is based on good and evil, just like we have today good will always win and evil will lose. These ideas are going to give the reader insight into how good always win and evil will always lose. When it says that Grendel “lives in darkness and that he growls in pain and that he is impatient” it gives the reader insight on how he sounds like an evil person. But the reader would figure out how evil he is because of when he comes out of the darkness and comes to Herot and kills all the warriors. What he did there would give the reader insight on how he is an evil monster. Then when Grendel is killed for his evil deeds good is the winner. This is how good will always conquers evil because the evil monster is killed by the good hero. When Grendel’s mother

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses.If you scored high, congratulations hey you can't win them all!" i like eating cheese cake off my lamp

Created by: bob

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how many people smell like pie
  2. what is jimmys name
  3. how old is your mom
  4. how many siblings do you have
  5. how old is your mother?
  6. why do you like cheese
  7. why do people think your so ugly?
  8. do you work at a museum
  9. did u tute?
  10. are you in bread

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