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  • Continuation of Draco Malfoy result: The both of you glared at each other for the next half minute. You sigh and slump down and lean against the closet's walls. Draco smirked at you and sat down beside you. Suddenly, he grabs your arms and pulls you closer to him, making your lips touch his. You try to break free, but his grip is to stong. You relax a little and let him kiss you. After what felt like forever, you pulled your head away and let Draco hold you in his arms for the next few minutes...

  • "Not you!" Harry cringed. You rolled your eyes and followed him to the closet. "You do realize this was a stupid idea, right?" He asked smartly. "Yeah, I just got so tired of 7 minutes in heaven!" You sighed. "Usual routine?" Harry asked. "You know it!" You pulled out your wand as he did. "Stupefy!" He said. You ducked and shouted, "Impedimenta!" He flew back and hit the wall. He laughed and stood up. "Expelliarmus!" He said and your wand flew out of your hand. He caught it and twirled it mindlessly. (What happens next? Tell me in the comments!!!!!!!!!!! )

    He then comes up to you and says "I really like you,_____" he says.you blush "me too" you answer.he comes up to you,closer and kisses you.he goes to your neck,and he pulls off your shirt then you lock the door.you take off your pants and you both (well,you know what you two do,it won't be said on here ;) )then you learn he's half vampire then he bites your neck and you two bust out the closet draining everybodies blood and soon you two become the most powerful vampires then you two rule the world. THE END

  • @Kittypaw101, thanks for the feedback! :) I'm sorry you didn't like it, but I was bored. Thanks again

    Pyra Potter
  • I mean quiz lol

  • Worst quid i have ever took

  • @katqueen45 touche?


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