7 minutes in hell

Hey guys! Anyway this is a new type of quiz! I have seen several seven minutes in heaven, but none like this! I hope you'll comment! Accio next paragraph!

Your choices are Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Draco Malfoy! Please do the following: comment, rate, take my polls, take my other quizzes, and please enter the contest! You will find it at either LAST CALL FOR CONTEST or Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (contest) Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. "Let's play a game!" You suggested. "Seven-" Ron started. "Other than seven minutes in heaven," you said. "Then what?" Harry asked. "Seven minutes in hell?" You asked. "What's that?" Ron asked. "The exact opposite of seven minutes in heaven! You go in the closet with whoever your least compatible with!" You explained. "Hmm, could be fun," Harry said. "So sorry to deprive one of you of kissing me," you joked. "Can I play?" A voice said. It was Draco! You nodded.
  2. Fave color?
  3. Fave Quidditch team?
  4. Fave place
  5. Fave thing
  6. Least fave place
  7. Who you like?
  8. Fave class
  9. That's it! What'd you think? I decided to try something new! Finish your result story in the comments, please! Bye! Accio results!

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