7 minutes in heaven (boys only)

This is the game 7 minutes in heaven. This is for boys only though because the answers are girls. I need to say that this is dirty so, it's your choice... Don't report if you don't like that its dirty. If you don't like dirty, then don't take this quiz.

So who will you choose????? Lillian, Katie or Morgan????? Take this quiz to find out who you'll go in the closet with! Remember that you can take this as many times as you would like!!!

Created by: Lilly
  1. You walk into the party and find out you guys are going to do 7 minutes in heaven!
  2. You see three girls, Katie, Lillian and Morgan.
  3. Lillian has long brown hair. Her eyes are a very dark blue!
  4. Katie has short blonde hair. Her eyes are brown
  5. Morgan has dark brown hair. Her eyes are green.
  6. You pick a number
  7. I have no idea what to do now...
  8. Will you comment?
  9. Will you rate
  10. Are you ready to go in the closet!!!!

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