Seven Minutes In Heaven(Heads Up:Not Dirty!!)

Hey! In Henry result, i realized, it says misers it shoukd be kisses!!!!! There are many of these quizzes, so I'd thought I'd try. Thank you. Thank you. Now, I use a lot of different names. So, I've already made quizzes. Don't bother reading the next paragraph!

Hey! I told you not to! Are you still reading? you still reading. GET TO THE QUIZ! GET TO THE QUIZ! Stop reading, take the quiz!!!!!!

Created by: WolvesAreAwesome
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are forced to go to a party with Seven Minutes In Heaven...
  2. The boys are pretty cool too!
  3. You wear
  4. Fave animal?
  5. Fave Color?
  6. Fave Sport?
  7. What do you say to ADVENTURE TIME? (Doesn't affect)
  8. Ok, pick a number
  9. Ok, pick.a letter
  10. All done

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