7 minutes in heaven!!!

you should think this is cool and I don't know what to saw. I don't want to write this right now and I thinks it's a waste of time. It is so don't listen to me go on and on cuse this is 2 paragraphs.

I feel bord inside and I like user and rianna and m&m and that song they made. I know the whole song. I also like the song by usher and pitbull and there song d.j got us fallen in love. It's awesome!

Created by: bla city

  1. Are you old fastioned?
  2. are you a pain to people or a plesure to be around?
  3. can you wear baggy clothes with out a problem?
  4. animal?
  5. you are......?
  6. you like..............?
  7. so..... this is so gay man and crappy!
  8. Holly black, it's a hobo!!!!!
  9. idem?
  10. now go away! I had enough of you

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