7 Minutes in Heaven

I don't know what to write so I'm just gonna write some your momma jokes. Your mom is so dumb she got stuck in a revolving door. Your mom is so balck--I'm black, by the way--she uses Armor Oil instead of lotion.

Okay, I've never played 7 minutes in heaven but I've always fantasized about it. If you have also then, 'this quiz might get those more creative juices flowin.

Created by: Vioshia

  1. Your bestie invites you to her party. When you get there, who do you see first?
  2. Your bestie annonces you are playing 7 minutes in heaven. Who do you wanna get?
  3. Okay, what number do you want?
  4. Mkaay, you have to pick a letter. What do you want?
  5. What are you wearing to the party?
  6. What would you wan the guy to do to you when you get into the closet?
  7. A'ight, I can't think of anymore questions. I'm. Btw, this doesn't count.
  8. Wocka Flocka
  9. uawigf
  10. When I say apple you say

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