What Instrument Is Best For You?

This is a quiz i made for fun and... that's it! There is no other reason you should be taking this quiz. It should be for fun and for fun only. By the way I like cheese :)

goodness it wants me to write another paragraph. Why is it making me write so many paragraphs? What if I don't want to write all these paragraphs for a quiz that hardly anyone'll see! Oh that's enough characters.

Created by: I like cheese BTW

  1. What's your sex?
  2. How old is the person you're testing?
  3. Are you extroverted or introverted?
  4. Are you careful or careless?
  5. Do you like cheese?
  6. Are you noisy or quiet?
  7. Would you work hard?
  8. Which out of the following would you like to play the most? (This will not just give points to the one you pick. Also if you answer this one, just play the instrument you chose instead of taking a fake inaccurate quiz.)
  9. Wanna be popular?
  10. bryhaugbraivbiaeeq9ghfdnvjklgruiagfhbgfh
  11. What style?
  12. Do you think i matched you to an instrument? (I probably didn't to be fair)

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