what instrument should you play

alright listen up this is a very accurate quiz i have done research and everything i to play an instrument (i play the violin) and now it is you turn

just answer the questions and dont be shy or dont cry this is very easy and do not cheat answer the questions thruthfully and you will figure out what to play

Created by: pegasus1 of fgsjsnwjsn.com
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  1. do you like low or high sounds
  2. do you like playing solos or duets
  3. do you play and instrument
  4. if so how long do you practice?
  5. do you have a positive attitude or negative
  6. which one out of this sounds better
  7. do you think this quiz is fun?
  8. do you like composers like
  9. how much do you want to play an instrument
  10. bye thankyou for taking this quiz

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Quiz topic: What instrument should I play