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  • Oh gosh, I ADORED this! The writing style made me feel like I had an entire other background story and had been living it for awhile. I don't know, it's really hard to explain, it was just so amazing! In all honesty I'm kind of speechless right now. Luckily I can still type. xD But this was like professional writing, and I feel like I should see your name printed on a book, somewhere, ANYWHERE! Just this one quiz is enough to show me you have so much potential and loads of talent! I enjoyed the descriptions and sat there for awhile after reading wondering how in the world it's possible someone could have so much talent xD Sorry if I'm starting to drag on, but really I'm so glad you didn't stop!

  • This is really amazing, I don't understand why you would ever consider stopping! I loved it, the details were incredible! I can't wait for your next one


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