4 boys, 3 siblings, 2 girls, 1 world to save (part 4)

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SORRY! SORRY! It took so long =( So you won't remember what the guys look like so here: Sam has light brown hair and gray eyes.His powers are earth and healing. Tyler has brown shaggy hair and deep blue eyes. His powers are telekinesis and telepathy. Jared has black hair and brown eyes. His power is super strength. Ashton has blond hair and green eyes. His power is fire.

Okay so long recap! You were living a normal life with your family-a mom, dad, brother and sister (You're a triplet, and your best friend. She lived with you because her family died in a car crash. Your house gets blown up and 4 guys save you and Bailey. Your brother and sister are taken by the malus populus. The bailey with You is actually a clone and the malus populus have the real Bailey. She contacts you in a dream but you're attacked by shadow wolves. The guys say you have to call Vḕrus which you don't know what that is.

Created by: _ViolaLover_

  1. "Well what about Ambridge? The place Bailey said they (Jake, Caitlin, and Bailey) were being held? Can we help them?" The guys exchanged looks, as if they were saying "˜YOU say it' with their minds; well for all I knew that could have been. Finally Jared says, "_______, we were assigned to protect you. We can't exactly bring you into battle to rescue them. Your life is more important than theirs." You flinched at the bluntness, but then ask, "But what about the prophecy? It says Jake and Caitlin are important, we can't just let the malus populus keep them locked up." They freeze, and then Sam swears. "She's right, we can't. But we can't leave ______, and we can't take her into battle..." Sam scowls and finishes, "we have to call Vḕrus." "Vḕrus? (Where-oos) What the heck is that? And what did I miss? Someone better start explaining," you say angrily. Tyler makes a calming gesture and says, "Relax _______, here's what happened. When your house was invaded by malus populus, they actually grabbed Bailey as well, thinking that she was the Chosen One. However, they didn't want us, optimus populus (good people), to know they had her so they created a clone that was supposed to mess with all of our minds." "Then how come it didn't really affect me or you?" you question. "We don't know," Ashton says. "We think it might have something to do with you being really close to Bailey, or you and Tyler might have another power, maybe both."
  2. "ANOTHER power? I didn't know I had any in the first place!" you exclaim. "And I don't even know what your guys' powers are!" They look at you quizzically, and Sam says, "Of course you have powers, you're the Chosen One. You have telekinesis, telepathy, orbing, control over all four elements, and maybe more. As far as our powers go, I've got control over earth and healing, Tyler has telekinesis and telepathy, Jared has super strength, and Ashton can control fire."
  3. "Okay then...what about Vḕrus? What's that?" you ask. Their faces darkened a little and Tyler explains, "Vḕrus is sort of the royal guard's special agents, they go out and do all the complicated tough jobs that require a small powerful team." "So why don't you guys like them?" you question. "They just think they're all that, and they almost got this job-them protecting you instead of us," Jared replies. "Oh," you say. "Guys, they aren't all that bad," Sam chastises, "Ameilia is nice." "Who's Ameilia?" you ask. "Just a friend. I've got to go call them now," Sam says as he walks out the door.
  4. They all leave once they make sure you're okay, so you can shower and change. When you're done changing, you go downstairs to get something to eat; you're really hungry. You see Ashton making pancakes and wearing an apron that ironically said "Kiss the Cook". You slipped into the chair at the small kitchen table as he set down a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front of you. You grin at him and say, "Thanks! I love chocolate chip pancakes!" He chuckles and replies, "You aren't the only one." You look at him slightly confused until you hear what sounds like Jared shout from upstairs, "SOMEONE MADE PANCAKES!!!!"
  5. You now here running feet as the other three guys skid to a stop in the kitchen. You laugh at the expressions on their faces as Ashton sets down a ginormous stack of pancakes on the table. You grab your plate and get out of the way as they pounce on it. You set your now empty plate in the sink and stand next to Ashton who is wearing an amused expression. "I haven't made pancakes in a while, I guess they missed them," he says to you. "Geez, it looks like they'd smack anyone who got in their way," you observe. Ashton laughs, "Been there, done that. The result: A black eye. I couldn't set the plate down fast enough." You crack up at that, and the others look at you with a confused face, which makes you laugh even harder.
  6. The doorbell rings then, and Ashton goes to answer it. You follow behind, curious to see who was there. Standing in the entryway to the house was two guys and three girls, all wearing black. Actually, they all looked really similar; the only differences were the eyes. They guy standing in the front has red eyes, the girl standing next to him has green, the guy standing behind her had blue eyes, the girl on his right has yellow eyes, and the girl on his left has purple eyes. They all had black hair, all seemed to be slightly skinny but muscular if that makes any sense, and they all looked dangerous. Well, an exception is the girl standing in the back with the purple eyes; she seems to have a slightly softer "I'm going to rip your arms off" look than the others.
  7. The guy in front strides past Ashton who's holding the door open, headed toward the dining room. The others follow suit, all remaining silent; the girl with the purple eyes flashes Ashton a smile and looks at you curiously. "˜That must be Ameilia' you think to yourself. Ashton closes the door and you both follow the hostile looking group into the dining room where Sam, Jared, and Tyler were cleaning up after breakfast. They look up with smiles on their faces that slowly die. Sam straightens up and addresses the red eyed guy, "Alajandro, it's been a while." "Sam," He nods his acknowledgement. I continued to look on, perplexed. Tyler came to my rescue. In my mind he said, "˜The one with green eyes is Ailsa, the one with blue eyes is Seph, the one with yellow eyes is Elisa, and the one with purple eyes is Ameilia.' You throw a gratified glance his way when Alajandro speaks again. "We were told that you needed help retrieving someone. Have you finally located the Chosen One? She must be in a dangerous position if you called for help." I decide I don't like this guy. Sam raises an eyebrow and says, "Yes, we have located the Chosen One, please meet Lady _______." Lady? Where did THAT title come from? I receive some astonished glances. I try not to get offended. "We have managed to get her here safely, that is not our problem. Our problem is her brother and sister, they are imprisoned by Dante. As you well know we cannot leave Lady ______ unattended-nor can we lead her into battle. Therefore we need someone, you, to go and rescue her siblings."
  8. As he finished the word siblings, I felt a numbness spreading through my head. Not unlike unconsciousness, but I knew it didn't belong to me. I steadied myself against the wall with one hand as I tried to push into either my brother or sister's mind. There was nothing there-a blackness. I cocked my head, confused. I pushed harder-there was no change. As I focused back on the present I heard that Sam and Alajandro were still talking; only Ashton who was the closest to me and Ameilia seemed to notice my brief episode. Ashton leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Are you alright?" I silently nodded. How strange it was that this one sentence exchange was noticed by the others and not my needing-to-lean-against-the-wall-so-I-don't-fall-over moment. Alajandro sighed. "Alright, we'll do it." He turned on his heel and he and his crew went out the way they came in. Ameilia sent me a concerned look before leaving, she seemed as though she wanted to talk to me. However, she just followed the rest of the group out after a split-second hesitation.
  9. I didn't like the idea of relying on total strangers to protect my remaining family member's lives; I wished I could do it. So badly, I wished I wasn't useless, or helpless. Before this mess, I was never the damsel in distress; I knew how to take care of myself, both mentally and physically. I took a martial arts class for a decade, and I've learned the hard way not to show sadness or anger on the outside. People would say rude things to me; I'd make a perfect reply back. People would try to force me to do things, I would break their jaw. So many people saw the happy, nice girl that I wanted to be; none of them realized that it was an act. I'm not perfect, I can't do everything, and now I'm supposed to help save a kingdom? Almost more than I wished I was able to do something, I wished I had my best friend back.
  10. Ashton pulled me from my daydream by asking what was wrong with me just minutes before. Three other concerned pairs of eyes flew up to meet mine as I explained to Ashton my feeling. His brow crinkled. "Hmmmm, I've never heard of that happening before. Do you still feel it?" The other three drifted closer to hear my response. "Yeah, if anything it's gotten stronger," I tell them, rubbing my temple with my right hand. Jared speaks now with a surprising note of concern in his voice. "Maybe you should just go take a nap for a while, see if that helps." I shrug, not really tired but not willing to argue. I climb the stairs up to my room as I hear the whispers of the others erupt below me.
  11. I go and lay on my bed, glancing at the clock. Only 9:30 in the morning. I sigh and throw my pillow over my face, trying to dim the bright light shining through my room. After a while I drift asleep...*Dream* I was hovering from some unknown viewpoint, looking down upon my brother and sister chained in a cell. They whisper together in Latin, throwing glances at a dark figure in the corner. It comes forth into the light and I see it's a boy about our age. His skin is paler than chalk, with golden eyes. Jake and Caitlin tense as he comes nearer, but they make no move to stop him. "You want to get out of here, don't you?" he says in his silky smooth voice, it is not unkind. Jake and Caitlin glance at each other before Jake answers, "We do." The boy comes a step closer saying, "I know a way to get out of here, but you have to sacrifice something in order to do it." With Caitlin looking on wary, Jake replies, "What is it?" "A beating heart."
  12. There is silence in the cell, none of them move. "Would you explain?" Caitlin asks quietly. "I am a vampire, and I could make you two vampires as well," he says simply. "How would that help us?" Jake questions. "When you're a vampire, you receive powers. I can tell right now you two are merely human, but I can sense you both have great powers lying in wait. That is my power, to sense other's powers. And this beautiful girl," he gestures to Caitlin, "will have the ability to walk through solid objects." I can see Caitlin blush, and the boy takes a few steps back. "What's in it for you?" she asks. "Just freedom from this hell-hole," he replies. "I can also provide much guidance for you two once we are free. You will need to learn how to hunt, how to control you powers and instincts. I also have a home that we could all easily fit into just a couple hundred miles away." Their eyes widen and the boy lets out a dark chuckle. "That distance will be nothing once you can run with super speed." My siblings are silent for a moment, and then Jake says, "Let us talk it over." The boy nods, "Certainly." He returns to his corner, respectfully giving them distance.
  13. My family discusses the pros and cons in Latin, trying to figure out if it's worth it. I pray that they say no, but how can they know there is someone on the way to save them? Finally after a good half hour, the turn to the boy in the corner. "How do you become a vampire?" Caitlin asks. The boy draws near once again. "I must bite you, but after that you will feel no pain. You will just be numb and will fall asleep for exactly 3 hours. At the end of this time you will be full-fledged vampires." "Then we will do it," Jakes says. "NO!" I cry out, but of course they cannot hear me. I watch in horror as the boy first bite my brother, then my sister. Just as I'm watching her fade out of consciousness, the boy whispers, "My name is Ray." Caitlin smiles slightly, "I'm Caitlin, nice to meet you Ray." With those final words, Caitlin is gone and I'm looking down on my family, my poor innocent family, the soon to be vampires.
  14. I awake with a sob, and glance at the clock. 12:30 p.m. 3 hours from the time when I felt my mind go numb. Too late to do anything. Unless...I rush downstairs to come upon a surprised Sam who was on his way up. "SAM! How long would it take Vḕrus to get to my family?" I demand. He looks confused and replies, "9 hours from here. Why?" I go white, and sink down to my knees. "______? ________! What's wrong?" he asks franticly. I hear people below us start moving hurriedly, and feet on stairs a flight below us. All I can do is look up into Sam's gray eyes and whisper, "My brother and sister, they've been made vampires."
  15. CLIFFHANGER! Okay, first of I would like to apoligize for not putting one out sooner, my last one was in November *wince* I feel horrible! PLUS Now I probably have to hide from my fans who have bats! BUT for the record, I was making "Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye" Which I am working on the 4th part of as you read this. There's a sneak peak out on the 3rd quiz comments if you guys want to see it. Shout out to DaughterofApollo who finally got me to finish this. THANK YOU! Okay guys, see you next time! WAIT! I have a contest! I need you guys to tell me WHY I am so obsessed with baseball bats. The first person to get it right will get to create a FEMALE character! This contest will close March 17, 2012. This is a hard question, so don't feel bad if you don't get it!

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