4 boys, 3 siblings, 2 girls, 1 world to save (part 7)

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Welcome back to my quiz! Refresher: Jake, Cailtin, and Ray escape with the help of Verus, and you learn about soul-mates. Jared is with you when you wake up, and you two are leaning in quite close when Tyler bursts into the room.

Quote of the day: When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it. -unknown. This is such a great quote, I think it's telling you to do what you want instead of what is expected.

Created by: _ViolaLover_

  1. I sit up straighter and stare at Tyler intently. "They're gone?! Do you have any idea of to where they went?" "No. I just got the news and thought you should know. I can see now though that you're otherwise occupied." Tyler swept from the room, the door banging shut behind him. "Tyler, wait!" I cry out, untangling my legs from the sheets and darting for the door. I wrench it open and stare down the hall; there's no sign of him. I sigh and lean my forehead against the frame of the door. "Are you okay _______?" Jared asks me worriedly. "Not really. Do you mind Jared, I was planning on taking a shower," I say, gesturing to the door. He gets up to leave, squeezing my hand before departing. "I'm an idiot," I mutter, closing my door.
  2. A few minutes later I come downstairs to see Sam on the telephone, Tyler on the computer, Jared looking at a map on a big screen with Ashton marking things. "What happened?" I ask out loud, leaving the question open for anyone will to answer it. "Well, the Vḕrus found your brother and sister, but you probably know all of that. Once they moved on to the fortress it was abandoned; there wasn't even a trace of a mouse," Sam tells me. "So what now?" I ask, leaning against the door. "The Vḕrus has suggested we go out to the place, and see if we find anything. We have different powers-no two powers are exactly the same- so they thought it would be a good idea to get another opinion. They really want you to go out as well," he says, glancing up at me. "No," Tyler says, looking up from the monitor for the first time. I'm about to ask why, but Ashton says it before my mouth is open. "Because it's too dangerous! She has absolutely no training, which means it's a liability to everyone, and what if it's a trap?!" he explodes. Now I'm mad, it's not MY fault no one has bothered to train me! But again, I'm beaten to the punch line. "If it was a trap, the Vḕrus would have set it off by now; and we can wait a day or two so she can get enough training where we would be safe," Jared says, turning to glare at Tyler. "Well, if there was a trap, it could be designed to where only she would set it off," says Sam thoughtfully. I shoot him an annoyed glare. "Who's side are you on, anyways?" asks Ashton, bemused. I just give up on saying anything and watch what unfolds. "It doesn't matter how much training she gets in two days, three! It wouldn't be enough!" Tyler says. "Yes it would," Sam tells him calmly. "We aren't sending her in there alone; at least one of us will be with her the entire time. Nothing so bad will happen that we can't get her out of it." Tyler slumps, defeated.
  3. Acknowledging me for the first time since the argument started, Sam turns to me. "Are you rested enough to begin training now?" he asks. "Yeah, I'm fine," I respond. "Great; Ashton you know what you need to do." I step aside for Ashton to go through the door, and begin to follow him. Before I go I throw one more look over my shoulder. Everyone is working except for Tyler, who's biting his lip and watching my anxiously. Ashton leads me down to the ground floor and takes me down a long hallway. At the end there's a room so big that it could hold two of my houses in it and have room to spare. In the far left corner, the ground is covered in thick toothpaste green mats; along the walls are so many weapons that I can't name them all, but there are swords of more than one kind, maces, staffs, chains, whips, bow and arrow... in the far right corner there is a huge pond, I can't tell from here how deep it is, but it isn't shallow. Across from that there is a huge patch of grass and a tree so old my great grandfather could have planted it. Then just to my left there is dirt and a fire pit-not much else.
  4. "Wow," I whisper, stepping into the room. "Impressed?" asks Ashton. "Just a tad," I say while turning about, taking everything in. "Well, we're going to start over by the tree," he informs me, starting over there. I follow and sit down across from him. "So as you know I've got telepathy, and the power of fire. It's an unusual combination; usually mental powers come with air. But that's aside from the point, you have the mental powers of telekinesis, telepathy, and orbing, which is just teleporting with a fancy name. From what I've seen, you have a pretty good hold on reading simple thoughts, but that's not all there is to telepathy. You can also read intentions, memories, wishes, or dreams; not to mention put up your own mental shield. We're going to start you off with you just reading one of my memories, there's something you should know-the more powerful the memory the easier it is to find. Also, I have no control over which memories you might see, so really concentrate on good thoughts." He holds his hand out in offering. "Here, it's easier if you retain contact."
  5. Hesitating slightly, I reach out and touch his hand. I can hear him whispering words of encouragement in my mind, but I push past that, searching for more. I feel myself being pulled in a certain direction, and I follow it until I'm looking down at a boy and a girl at what looks like a fair on the beach. I float along above them, unseen. The girl says something to the boy, who I now identify as Ashton, and takes his hand. He smiles at her and swings their entwined fingers between them. They walk away from the masses of people, down the board walk into the silence of the night. "Do you really have to leave? I know we can find a suitable job at the palace for you," pleads Ashton. The girl takes his other hand gently and faces him. "Yes, I do have to go. I have to avenge my parents, and there's no way you could find a job for me that I would like; your palace is very male oriented, so the women are stuck with jobs such as cooking and cleaning. That's not my life," she tells him softly. "Then let me come with you," he says in a voice that makes me think he's repeating a point that had already been discussed. "You know you can't do that, you have to help your brothers here." "I know," he sighs, shoulders slumping with defeat. He gathers her closer and presses his lips to her forehead, before releasing her and stepping away. "I love you May." "I love you too," she replies with a small smile. Then she's turning, darting away in the night and I fade back into reality and stare into Ashton's curious face.
  6. "What did you see?" he asks. "Well, you were with a girl, I think her name was May." Ashton stiffens and leans closer. "And?" he says, encouraging me to continue. "You were on a beach, just a little ways away from a fair. You were talking to her, and I think she was leaving to go somewhere...'to avenger her parents,' I believe she said." I watch Aston's face soften, as he remembers that night. "Who was she?" I ask, curiosity taking hold. He's silent for a moment, debating on how he should answer. "She was my girlfriend," he says finally. "It was twenty years ago, and her parents had just been killed by the malus populous. She was a fighter, and she wanted revenge. I tried to convince her to take a safer job at the palace, but she didn't agree. I heard from her at last about seven years ago. She finally found who killed her parents and killed them. I asked if she would come home yet, but she said she still had things left to do." He falls silent, and I watch him with softened eyes. "That's got to be hard," I speak my thoughts aloud. "Well it's not easy, that's for sure."
  7. Sitting up straighter he changes the topic. "You did a great job at the memory search; I don't think you need any more help with that. I get to teach you about my specialty now-fire," he says with a grin. I stiffen a little. Fire is probably one of the only three things in the world I'm scared of, the other two being heights and spiders. It's a newly developed fear, ever since the explosion that destroyed my house and killed my family.
  8. "Um, okay," I say uneasily, as I'm lead over to the fire pit. "I understand that fire makes you nervous, as it should; it is no thing to be overlooked. However, as long as you can control it, you shouldn't be afraid of it," Ashton tells me from over the fire pit. "To use fire, you have to have a passionate emotion. Love is the best one, and the most powerful, but it's incredibly difficult to use as very few people have experienced a love strong enough to do anything. Anger is the most common emotion used by fire handlers. Think of a time you were angry, truly angry, and hold on to the anger." I think back to how my house was destroyed in the fire that took my family as well. I have never been as angry as I had been then. I grab the burning fury and hold onto it tight, and nod at Ashton to let him know I am ready.
  9. He takes a step back and dictates, "You're going to want to direct this energy to the palms of your hands, making small flames to begin with until you know how much you can control." I imagine the rage flowing down my arms to where it pooled in my hands. I imagine next the flame of a birthday candle, small and harmless. Not realizing I had shut my eyes, I open them and look down at my hands, to see there was a small flame burning in each of them. "That's great ______!" Ashton exclaims. "Try and make them a little bigger." I concentrate, and watch the flickering flames grow to the size of a baseball. "Cool," I breathe, still focused intently. "Now, just as if you were throwing a ball, lob the flame into the pit," Ashton says while taking another step or two back. I do as he says, and watch as the fire place lights up. "Now to extinguish the flames, just have to calm down again," he informs me, grinning at my success. I let the rage disperse as I watch the dancing of my flames.
  10. "That was amazing! The first time I tried controlling fire, I seared my eyebrows off. You're a natural," he cries, grabbing me in a hug and spinning me around. "Thanks," I laugh, feeling slightly parched. He steps away from me and opens a mini fridge I didn't see before. He takes out a bottle of water and tosses it to me. "Here, dealing with fire can leave your throat dry. I don't know why, but it's a pain." I catch the bottle and put it up to my lips, drinking greedily. "So, you ready for self-defense then?" I hear a new voice ask. I look to the doorway to see the other three guys lounging there.
  11. "This is my area of expertise," Jared says grinning, stepping past the others. I watch him head over to the mats, beckoning me to do the same. "Now we've seen that from the first day we met you and you threw a guy out a window, and then when the malus populous broke into the house that you know a little martial arts. Now we just have to find out how much. I'm going to attack you and you're going to stop me in whatever what you can. Got it?" I nod my consent and spread my stance wider for more balance and faster movements. He circles me as the other three guys watch intently. This goes on for a couple more moments before he says something. "Well, are you going to attack me or what?" Jared taunts. "It's not defense if I make the first move," I quip, eyes never leaving him. "Impressive," I hear Ashton whisper on the other side of the room. "So what, you know what the word means; care to put your money where your-" Jared doesn't finish his sentence as he lunges at me. A smile creeps up the corner of my face as I recall the years of martial arts I took; I step into the attack and wipe the smile off of Jared's face as I throw him to the ground.
  12. Squeaker! If you want to read my blog I've got to send you an invite so you can leave your email on here and I'll let you on. I know it's a hassle, but I made it private for a reason. It's a long story. But I just posted a new story on there, so that now makes two that aren't on here. Relax, I think I only have three chapters worth of things you're missing. They're on my blog and not on here so I don't irritate as many people for taking so long. xD

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