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  • This is legitimately one of the worst quizzes I've ever taken, and that is not an easy feat to achieve. You should be straight up ashamed that you ever thought this was worth being seen. This quiz is mindless, directionless, unoriginal, nonsensical, poorly written, poorly planned and incredibly simple. In a perfect world your computer rights would be taken away for posting something like this.

    And the fact that there are people praising this and that it isn't stuck at a permanent 0/10 only lowers my faith in humanity. It would lower my faith in the site, but I never had any faith in here to begin with, specifically because of people like you. You incredibly stupid, addlepated loon. I hate you.

    I'm not even going to bother suggesting what you can do to improve your quizzes, because literally everything is wrong with them. It would just be easier to delete your account.

  • @ilovekittens You said for the author to use correct grammar when your example is incorrect. For your example, it would be "I bought some dark chocolate; it tasted great" or "I bought some dark chocolate and it tasted great."

  • First of all, bad grammar. Second of all, you need to put periods. This is how you do it "example: I bought some dark chocolate it tasted great." That's how you do it. Third, Sometimes it does not make sense. You wrote "Hit the ground with your ground" as your answer.

  • I got 50 percent

  • Cool I will live!

  • 40% huh... okay then

  • IHLAOY, you so need to see one of my quizzes.


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