zombie survival quiz by edmund

do you think you could survive a zombie outbreak ? many will die do you think you could live theres only one way you could find out ! do you have a chance of surviving well find out

many will die will you ! find out by doing the quiz ! you will probably like doing this quiz ! do you think you could survive ! well find out if you will survive !

Created by: edmundmaddog
  1. how tall are you
  2. how long is your hair
  3. do you own any weapons
  4. you here moaning. you ignore it you turn on the t.v when you here banging you decide to ignore it the t.v is only talking about ill people killing others what do you do
  5. are you affraid of blood
  6. are you afraid of horror movies or games or both
  7. are you affraid of zombies
  8. how far is the nearest gun shop
  9. what type of group would you travel in
  10. what type of vehicle would you drive (your choice )
  11. would you save a life if you were surounded by zombies and they could be help
  12. whats the best way to kill a zombie
  13. can a zombie die
  14. do you know how to fire a gun
  15. ( last question ) are you strong

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