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  • I got a 98%!! I hope he likes me... or I will wait till someone gets it right..

    cocomiller1014 Aug 24 '16, 1:32PM
  • I got 95 I will get my bae soon yay

    bellbell Feb 8 '15, 10:22PM
  • I got 99% but I don't even have a crush... Well I kinda like my best friend (he's a guy) but it would be awkward if I told him...

    AlyssaMissa10 Jul 21 '14, 2:08AM
  • *faceknife*

    BTRfreak Jul 19 '14, 12:44PM
  • Ha I got 99%

    Fluffypooches Jul 15 '14, 11:19PM
  • I got 86% Sure, my crush will like me... He never will ;(

    quizzywizz Jul 11 '14, 8:13PM

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