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If you were to turn into a Vampire- or 'Creature of the Night', what would you be like? This is your personality quiz as a member of the undead society! The Loather, Economist, The Lestat, Fair Game & Neutral City are the houses!

As a vampire would your personality change much- take this quiz and find out what you'll be like after you turn! Will you hate it- or love it? Flaunt it or hide it? It's up to you!! There's four groups, but you'll have to take the quiz to find out!

Created by: WestGirlz
  1. You're a full fledged Vampire now- what's your reaction?
  2. Now that your reaction is over with, what will you miss the most about being human?
  3. Vampires gotta eat, what's your meal of choice?
  4. A Vampire has his/her own personality, whats your walk like now that you're turned? (Think your in a crowd of normal humans.)
  5. What's your aura like? (Controlling, vibrant, colorful, exciting etc. )
  6. Music Type- when your working on you vampire skills, what do you listen to?
  7. If you were to have a theme song- a vampire one- what would it be?
  8. Halloweens coming up and you and your vampire buddies decide to pull the irony card! What famous vampire are you going to be?!
  9. As a Vampire you have so much mad skill! What's your weapon to help you be even more awesome.
  10. Your Vampire Powers just got upgraded! You can turn into an animal, which one do you choose?
  11. Now, how do you become that animal?
  12. You want a catchy Vampire name- to be known across the land? Pick your own-
  13. And finally- your wardrobe. What does it mainly consist of?
  14. It's the end- I'm sorry but there is much work to be done! Would you like to see another in the near future? (Will not be included in your final score)

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