Your Twilight Fantasy Part 1

Ok, there are so many Twilight quizes out there. but you HAVE to try mine!! so much drama!! so many twists!! so many paths and choices and boys!! (thats right, boys!!!)

So who will you get as a result?? Are you even worthy of this quiz?? Do you have what it takes to get the result you deserve??? Find out!! Take this quiz!! Your result is only a couple clicks away! (P.S Thanks to my friend Alana who helped me finish my quiz! Check out her quiz seires Twisted Maximum Ride)

Created by: annibell12
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  1. You wake up dazed on a street corner. You want to go home, but you dont know where home is. You cant even remember your own name.Suddenly you hear a deep voice behind you. Do you...
  2. Let`s say you stood your ground, or were too shocked to move. You slowly turn around to face the boy. He is tall and tanned with huge muscles and a wide grin. "Hey! You guys! I found her!" Four more boys appear out of no where. The one who looks like a living statue of Adonis with tawny colored hair and golden eyes steps forward. "Hello." He says smoothly "I`m Edward." He points to the boy who found you and says "This is Jacob. "Hi." Jacob grins dangerously "Do you like scary stories?" One of guys with huge muscles hits him on the shoulder, hard, but Jake doesn`t flinch. You are thinking...
  3. The brawny guy turns to you. "Hey,My names Emmett.Sory about J. Someone ought to bite him." He laughs to himself until a guy with blond hair and a reckless look to him says "Emmett,cool it. You wont do any of us any good." Edward starts to make introductions again. "That was Jasper. And this is Seth." Seth is smaller than the rest of them, but a golden glow seems to radiate from him. And now that you know the guys...QUICK! Who do you like?
  4. So now you know hopefully, who you like. So they are waiting for you to introduce yourself... what do you do??
  5. Seth whispers to Jacob," I think she has short term memory loss.... She doesn't seem to know who she is... or where she came from..." Jacob replies,"Maybe a scary story will snap her outta it??" Seth: "Dude, ur like super obsessed with scary stories aren't you??" Jacob: no response Seth: "Let's take her back to our place. Maybe I can heal her. It's the least we could do.." Edward: "Sure. Let's ask." Seth: "Hey, uh... well do u wanna come back to our place?? Maybe we could-" he's interrupted by a hard punch in the shoulder. Emmett whispers tensely with gritted teeth:"Need I remind you, nobody is allowed to know bout us!!" You hear this whole conversation. How do you react??
  6. "So as I was saying.. do u want to? I mean like... uh.. come to our place.... It would be an honor..." he smiles reaching his hand out. You say..
  7. So you grab Seth's hand and he escorts you to their apartment. You walk in. You realize just how stinkin rich they must be. It's HUGE and everywhere u turn there's a hi-tech gadget thingy.... (u cant remember wut its called but it looks like a camera). Seth sets you down on the couch. Who do u want 2 sit next to??!!
  8. So Seth sits next 2 u. The others catch his glance and stroll out of the room. Seth smiles at you. You feel your eyelids get heavy. Theyre drooping... slowly.. And then he starts 2 talk. You snap out of that daze. he looks you straight in the eyes. "Um.. well I'm Seth.. if you don't remember..." "Hi, Seth." you smile cutely. "So uh... this may hurt or feel funny a little... but trust me with this ok??" You are lost in his eyes. "ok.." His hands run up your shoulders, and onto ur neck. U don't know what the heck he is doing. Then he seems to find a place right on the edge of ur neck. He moves his fingers around in weird patterns and formations. Then you get this sensation. Like a fire is burning and getting larger, and at the same time, the flame is going out. You feel energy flow into you, and suddenly you remember everything. Your name is Bella Swan. You were walking down Main Street when you got mugged. The people knocked you out. Then they dumped you on the curb and drove off. You notice Seth take his fingers off your neck. "How do you feel??" he asks, out of breath. "I...I... great.." you answer, amazed. "How'd you-" He places his finger to your lips. Don't tell the guys i did this. They were against it. Nobody's supposed to know..." He looks really serious, and his deep blue eyes were searching through yours, starving for somebody to trust. You..
  9. So you introduce yourself. "Hi, I'm Bella. I finally seem to remember..." He nods. "Hi, Bella." His eyes seem to tell you about his personality. He is very calm,sweet, caring, and responsible. Well that explains his power, you think. "So... I should probably get going... The others probably wanna talk to you.." he smiles, nods, and glances back one last time before exiting and shutting the door silently.
  10. Edward walks in the room. "Hey, Bella. I'm Edward." He smiles charmingly... "Hey." You smile. I thought you might want something.. so I went to the store and got some hot coco. He hands you a piping hot mug, full of coco and piled high with marshmallows. You blow on it and take a sip. "Mmmm! Thanks." You nod, and smile. "Anytime." He says. He starts toward the door. "Hey!" You call out. "Aren't you gonna stay?!" He pivets to face you. "No, I'm kind of thirsty... Gonna go grab a drink. I'll be back soon though." He smiles and walks out of the room.
  11. So Jacob walks in. "Hey, bella, r u ready for those scary stories I have for you??" You nod. "Sure are." You smile. So he tells you a story: "Well one time, when I was maybe... i dunno... fourteen............." he finishes the scary story. You sigh, "Thank goodness for this hot coco or I would be freezing right now" You shiver a little. Oh, you must be cold. He walks over to the closet and pulls out a blanket. He drapes it aorund your shoulders. "Better?" "Yeah." You say. He turns to leave. 'Hey..." "Yeah?" He turns to face you. "Thanks. For finding me. For saving me from the 'vast unknown'". You both laugh. "No problem. I'm always available." That smug smile again. He winks and walks out. Next comes..
  12. Seth walks in, a worried look on his face. "We can't find Emmett. We've looked EVERYWHERE. It's hopeless." He sighs. "Wait, are you sure you checked EVERYWHERE??" "Well now that i think of it... no. I better check..." He turns to leave. "Wait. I'm coming with you." You get up, and put your coco down on the table. "Uh... Bella... That might not be such a good idea..." He stares at the ground. "Why?? Is there something I shouldn't see??" "Yeah... you might get upset...." "How??" you ask. "Well.. none of us are actually normal..." "Yeah... I think I figured that out by now.." "But really.. you might get um frightened.. or hurt... It's for the best if you stay here." His look of concern was tearing at you. "Well... I can handle it. Please Seth. If anything happens it's not your fault. I promise." "Well, okay... Just stick close to me.. and don't wander off..."
  13. ok, that's all for now. part 2 is coming soon!!
  14. WAIT!! ONE LAST QUESTION!! who do you like??!!

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