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  • I got pepsi!!! I love mtn.dew tho...!

    taliyah Apr 10 '14, 8:04PM

    keznya Oct 23 '13, 9:54PM
  • I'm not saying this was a bad quiz, but if there's one thing I hate, it's Mountain Dew.

    akyla757 Mar 30 '12, 9:16AM
  • i HATE pepsi i only drink it when theres nothin else 2 drink

    allaround crazy Jun 10 '09, 9:18AM
  • im pepsi, i love pepsi! im weird ik.....EAHHAHAHAHHA HAHA!

    Azumaro Jun 3 '09, 10:21AM
  • Dr. Pepper
    Your weird. Not the bad way, but weird. Or maybe just wild party animal. Am I right? Dang, I HOPE SO!!!!! If i'm not then maybe your wrong! haha, now go drink Dr. Pepper and go wild!!

    I love Dr. Pepper, I am weird...good quiz

    softball_cat33 Jun 2 '09, 12:17PM
  • I HATE SPRITE! I like Dr. Pepper. BAD QUIZ!

    Bambi Jun 2 '09, 11:44AM
  • I LOVE Mountain Dew!
    Their new blue flavor. AWESOME.

    appayipyip Jun 2 '09, 2:32AM

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