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    Americangirl Jan 31 '16, 12:26PM
  • my name is sheridan

    sheridan Jan 6 '16, 5:34AM
  • Ugly names for me

    nikkie Jan 3 '16, 9:14AM
  • Cool I like the name divine.

    Sharon Lewis Dec 31 '15, 4:46AM
  • Cool quiz

    Livi cool Dec 30 '15, 12:41PM
  • "Your score is 6542%

    Wow you are blessed with the name Jarod/ brandy. This might not be your name but someone wanted to name you that."

    Not even close LOL.

    marmiteroll Dec 4 '15, 10:23PM
  • Devine/Braden Absolutely not!

    katty888 Dec 3 '15, 9:08AM
  • This is so freaky!This year will be the best year of your life!DON'T STOP READING!!if you post this on 1 quiz,your mom will say "i love you"to you

    doglovergirl Dec 1 '15, 8:07AM
  • Devine/Braden?! im a girl!!!!!!!

    doglovergirl Dec 1 '15, 7:58AM
  • Harmony. Cute!

    beamiller1fan Nov 28 '15, 6:18PM
  • our score is 6560%

    Wow you are blessed with the name harmony/ Paul this might not be your name but someone wanted to name you that

    I love the name Harmony :3

    Jinx Blackclaw Nov 17 '15, 2:23PM
  • HARMOOOOOOONYYYY My actual name means war. i wonder why my parents named me that. then again I'm ADHD is that a rock oh hey a squerrel wut were we talkin about? hi. :D

    Falling Storm Nov 17 '15, 9:48AM
  • Devine/Braden sorry. i like my name better.

    FrenchGirl Nov 10 '15, 1:45PM
  • Devine/Braden nobody would name me that just stupid

    Laurenxp Oct 14 '15, 11:09PM
  • Hello ,
    dear connor4 , if you dont mind whats your sis s name ?

    Deepika padukone Oct 14 '15, 8:14AM
  • I go 6573 percent its amazing . Super cool , fantastic , fun .ooooh

    Deepika padukone Oct 14 '15, 8:11AM
  • I got my sisters name

    Connor_4 Sep 28 '15, 4:18AM
  • Figure

    Fog nun Sep 15 '15, 9:14AM
  • Another stupid quiz... was this person drunk or high? The result made absolutely no sense.

    Skeptic Aug 30 '15, 4:10AM
  • i got Taylor 3 times!! :) XD LOLOLOL i am no taylor i am nikita!! XD LOL but even my friends say i look like a taylor to them!:O

    Pientahna Jul 20 '15, 12:45PM
  • Collage... An art technique. C'mon!!! Let this be a lesson to y'all kids. Stay in school! Read! Read! Read! (Dictionaries)

    Smellgreencandy Jul 11 '15, 4:04AM
  • Paul? I'm a girl!

    Elory Chihuahua Jul 1 '15, 3:54PM

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