Your Hamtaro IQ - part 1

Out of all the Hamtaro fans out there, how many of them really know the series? Are there as many hardcore fans as there are casual ones? This quiz should determine wheather you're a fan or not.

Okay, this quiz should be one big joke if you're a true fan. So if you've seen all the episodes, even the movies and such, this won't prove much. But if you're just getting into the series, try it out! ;)

Created by: Mimitchi of Ham-Ham Paradise
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  1. Who does Boss have a crush on?
  2. Who is Laura's best friend?
  3. Why does Bijou love her blue ribbons?
  4. Dexter wants to win Sandy's heart
  5. Are Laura's parents divorced?
  6. What are a Ham-Ham's favorite snacks?
  7. Who is really, really smart?
  8. Stan spends most of his time...
  9. What is Laura's school teacher called?
  10. What does Laura do at the end of each day?

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Quiz topic: My Hamtaro IQ - part 1