Your epic story part 3

WEll, here it is again. Hope you like it! More testing with the guys in par three! blachlbah.............................. ..................... .......... LOOK DOWN!!!

DESCRIPTION OF THE GUYS AGAIN: GRIFFIN: tall, skinny, chocolate brown hair, nice and funny. MATT: medium height, long dirt-blonde hair, green-blue eyes. Outgoing and funny. JACK: red hair, tallish, green eyes. Nice, braniac but shy. KERBEROS: strong. Crazy black hair, gray eyes. The bad guy, but crossed over to the good side. Funny and... odd.

Created by: xxGreenDayxx

  1. "Jack?" you ask, walking into his room to find him sitting on the floor with a half eaten omelet, staring at a large book. He looks sort of sad, but as soon as he sees you, his face brightens. "______! Didn't see you there! What's up?" He asks nicely.
  2. "I was just wondering... what's your power?" you ask. "Oh- let me show you." He smiles. You wait. Suddenly, you fee VERY happy. Like you just want to scream, "HELLO WORLD!! I LOVE YOU!!" Then abruptly, you feel like you're being kissed my a dementor. EXTREMELY sad. That goes away, and you feel like passing out. SOOOO tired...
  3. He smiles wider. "Get it? I can control emotions. It took a long time to control. A year ago, people were afraid to be in the same room with me." He laughs. "They didn't know WHAT would- ________?" It should of worn off by now, but you're still VERY tired. "Oh, dang it-" his voice disappears- and so does your vision.
  4. You wake up- again- downstairs, laying on the couch. Griffin is holding an icepack to your head. Jack is looking apologetically at you, and Matt is grinning. Again. Kerberos, surprisingly, is also gathered around.
  5. "Sorry- i got distracted- I guess I didn't stop..." Jack apologizes for accidentally making you pass out (again). "It's okay," you say. "Well, I'm feeling fine, so can I start training soon?" All of the guys think about this. "You sure?" Jack asks. "I think you should wait until you're sure you can function." Griffin says. "YES! Let's go!" Kerberos. "Yeah." Matt.
  6. "Really, I'm fine. Come on!" you exclaim. Matt says, "In that case, you can train with me first!" The other guys groan. "Sure," you answer. "Follow me," Matt replies enthusiastically. He leads you out the door, and into the backyard. It's a huge, natural circle surrounded by pine trees. There are some pretty flowers here and there. A little shed is at the back of the yard, and in the middle is a bench, next to a large pond.
  7. "Okay, ______. First, let's try to see if you can turn invisible at will..." He concentrates, doing his power (whatever he does with your brain). "Okay, I see last time it was easiest when you were feeling a strong emotion. This would work better with Jack..." He suddenly gets a sly smile. "Let me try something..." You are about to ask what he's gonna do when moves closer and kisses you sweetly.
  8. Whether out of repulsion or attraction, you feel some strong emotion and, luckily, go become invisible. "Yes, it worked!" Matt says. He clears his throat awkwardly. "Anyway, concentrate on what you just felt. Think abut how you might be able to do that on your own."
  9. You think hard and successfully turn invisible! "YAY!" you yell and Matt laughs. "Hm... try walking." You do, easily. Then decide to play a trick on him. Silently, you turn around and race back to the house, leaving him saying, "_______? Hello? Not funny." You call back, running, "Oh, yes it is!"
  10. You reach the house and, still running, you slam into Kerberos. "AHHHHH!!!!!" you yell as you fall, but someone catches you. Kerberos is smiling down at you, but you glance to see who's holding you us and you see... Kerberos. "Practicing your cloning?" you ask, amused. "Yeah, it's getting easier." You realize then that he should not be able to see you. "Wait.. how...?" but then you see that you have returned. "Yeah, you're visible. You were fading when you came running... why'd you abandon Matt?"
  11. "Why do you and Jack hate each other?" You ask him suddenly. He ponders this for a moment. "Well... our families have always hated eachother. And, Delaine killed Jack's mother... and I used to be on her side. That's why. But let me assure you, I'm NOT working for her anymore!"

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Quiz topic: My epic story part 3