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  • I really like Ready or Not, but I also like Struck.I think you should continue Ready or Not before you start another story.I'm going to tell you a story about a writer who quit writing:The first story quiz that I EVER read lasted 4 parts, and that REALLY got me angry(I found it with the random quiz button, so I knew she wouldn't continue it).It was really good too.Remember xxdarkxx(Which will fall for you)?She stopped writing right when she got to the climax!It is really annoying to be a reader and just have the writer just suddenly stop.So even though Struck sounds interesting to me, I'm putting my vote twords Ready Or Not.

  • You should continue Ready or Not. It doesn't matter what people think of it. If you want to keep writing the series go for it! If you don't then it's okay. You should do what you wanna do. Trust me I was the same way. I went from having 11 readers to 22 I know it's not much but still.

    If you want my opinion i think you should either continue writing ready or not or you should write Struck.

  • Continue Ready or Not. I never heard of the series but I will read it! When I read the paragraph, it seemed really interesting :) I'm sure you're doing a great job with the series.


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