Your Attack on Titan life

Heyo! Its me Destiny and i'm doing my First quiz! Sorry for any Drama,OOC,Mispellings ect. ^ ^' I just wanted to be funny or try to be funny....Sowwy!*hugs Eren* Don't kill me! Eren:?? Anyway Enjoy the quiz!

Which one of my oc's from Attack on Titan are you? If you curious then take this quiz to find out which oc you are![Oc- Original Character OOC-Out of character]

Created by: Kittenlover259
  1. Hi! Its me Kittenlover259! And my friend RosePrincess353! Rose:Hey! Me:Anyway. The characters are gonna ask you questions and you answer them! But the questions are in my oc's POV so you just answer them the way you might answer them!And for the characters i had to drag here Where Eren,Levi,Jean,Mikasa,Sasha,Armin, and Hanji. Rose: Thank you Levi for almost breaking my arm... Levi:Tch... Me:*sprays water at Levi*Bad Heichou! Anyway, you ready to ask questions?
  2. Me: Eren, You can ask first! Eren: Alright. What do you think about the titans? Rose: Gee how did i know you where gonna ask that? Eren:*growls at Rose* Me:Behave you two! Eren:Make me! Me:*grabs water bottle and repeatedly sprays Eren* Eren:ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I'LL BEHAVE! STOP SPRAYING ME PLEASE! Me:*stops spraying*(Sorry with all the drama in these questions)
  3. Me:Anyway. Levi Your up! Levi:*sighs*I don't know,What's your favorite color? Me:-___-*sprays levi with with water bottle repeatedly* Levi:*kicks bottle out of my hand*Tch, Brat...
  4. Me:........ Rose:Jean your up! Jean: What would you do if i flirted with you? Rose: Wow...Really? Jean:*glares at Rose* Me:LEVI IM GONNA KILL YOU! Levi: You just try it brat. Rose:*facepalms*
  5. Rose: ANYWAY. Mikasa your next. Mikasa:*nods*Alright. What would do if Eren was hurt and i wasn't around what would you do? Eren:*sighs*Lets hope- Me:EREN HELP ME!*runs out of a room and into another one* Eren:?? Levi:GET BACK HERE YOU BRAT!*chases after me* Rose:-____-*facepalms again*
  6. Rose:*sighs* Sasha your- Sasha:Alrighty! Whats your favorite food? Rose:....... (*slaps face again*UGH WHY DO I KEEP MAKING CHARACTERS OOC!!?)
  7. Rose: Armin. Your up. Armin:Alright. Um....Do you like reading? Levi:*walks calmly back into the room* Rose:.........? Eren:*walks into the room i'm in* Me:*on the floor in a small puddle of blood*L-levi....I-i'm...gonna....*passes out*
  8. Eren:Levi!! Did you really have to do that!? Levi:Well the brat started it so i finished it... Eren:*shoots a death glare at Levi* Rose:Hanji!*looks around*Where's Hanji? Hanji:*walks into the room*I'm here! Just doing some expiraments! Anyway, Who do you have a crush on? Rose: You did-Nevermind.
  9. Me:*sitting on Eren's lap* Eren:*face is a light red* Rose:*tries not to laugh*Anyway..Two questions left! Those are gonna be from me and Kitten over there! Lets see...Whats your favorite Animal?
  10. Rose: Alright Kitten! Your turn! Me:A-alright....W-whats your favorite....*coughs*Time of d-day...?*passes out again*
  11. Rose: Thanks for taking the quiz! Bye!*teleports out of the room along with hanji* Eren:*picks me up bridal style and walks out of the room* Levi:..... Sasha:Bye! Armin:*waves and smiles*Bye! Mikasa:*waves a little* Jean:*waves*Bye!(Sorry if it sucks. This is my first quiz)

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Quiz topic: My Attack on Titan life