Your Animation Style:

If your a fan of animation, any type of animation, try out this quiz! See what type of animation you'd be, and why you got that answer! Many different answers to get!

When your done you can also try out my "Totally Spies" quiz or "Personality" quiz. My favorite quiz I've done so far, however, is my "Food Pyramid" quiz. So check them out!

Created by: S
  1. Your room (or dream room)?
  2. The worse thing about life is?
  3. Action movies?
  4. Do you write, or tell stories?
  5. Someone bugs you all the time... you...?
  6. I watch?
  7. I like to be around people this much...
  8. Facial expressions?
  9. My favorite hero?
  10. If you were getting a professional photo, and the professional said you have to pick the pose, you'd say-

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