What is your inner style???

There are many styles but little good ones. What is style???Something that describes you. Something that tells you apart from others. You also can create your own style

Do you have style??? Do you know whether your are goth,prep,tom boy, or a nerd??? Well find out by doing this quiz. Don't be afraid

Created by: ashely
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  1. There is a test tomorrow do you...
  2. your Friends are smoking you..
  3. There is a sale on pink and pretty clothes you...
  4. There are glasses on sale you...
  5. A cute Girl/boy walks past you..
  6. There is a party next door you..
  7. Your teacher gives you a peice of gum you..
  8. The new hang out is a place call goth and hot you..
  9. Your mom gave you 100$ for emergency's only but your older sister wants to spend it you..
  10. your bff forgets your b-day you..

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Quiz topic: What is my inner style???