what's your style?

Do you have fashion? If you do what kind? Are you a fashionista or a sporty chic? Rebellious or unique click here to find out! you can also find out what your style means in real life. Are you bold or do you go with the flow

this quiz just takes a few minutes to tell you what kind of style you really have! It also has detailed questions that give you accurate results.I would NOT reccomendthis for guys! Have fun! :)

Created by: shell

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite kind of shoes?
  2. What is your favorite accessory?
  3. What is your favorite kind of jeans?
  4. What's your favorite kind of make up?
  5. What Is your favorite Store?
  6. What's your favorite type of shirt?
  7. What's your favorite hair style?
  8. What's your fashion motto
  9. What is your favorite color
  10. If you could choose one of these names which one would you choose?

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Quiz topic: What's my style?