What Type Of Wrestling Style Are You?

High flyer, power house, submission. What type of wrestling style will you use? Thanks to this awesome quiz you'll get your answers!!! Someday I'll see you in the ring!

There are many wrestling styles from today and yesterday. The big question is "What wrestling style will you use?" If you want answers take this great quiz! Will I be looking forward to seeing you in the ring, or will I be SCARED to meet you in the ring? Whatever. One day I'll see you in the ring!!!

Created by: Kale
  1. First of all, what's your favorite wrestling style.
  2. What weight class will you be in???
  3. What will you wear in the ring?
  4. Tables any one?
  5. Ladders?
  6. Chairs?
  7. Did you notice that it made TLC?
  8. What's your favorite color?
  9. Almost done
  10. Last question! Tables? Ladders? Chairs? Sludge Hammer? Trash Can? Kendo Stick?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Wrestling Style am I?