You think you know Twilight?

This book is gonna be passed on to generation i took good thik thought into this quiz so if your taking it just because your bored go take a stupid quiz this is no joke. if you no your facts put them to this test!

Are you a Twilighterd? Do you have the qualifications to fit the spot? Until no you've thought of yourself as the best well now put it o the test it wont even take 2 minoutes!

Created by: ariel
  1. who plays bella swan in Twilight?
  2. Where does the story take place?
  3. WHo plays the handsome Edward Cullen in Twilight?
  4. who is edwards real mother
  5. What illness succumbed Edwards Parents?
  6. Where do Edward and Bella first meet?
  7. Who is the least loving to bella when she fist meets the cullens?
  8. When is bellas birthday?
  9. In wich book does edward leave?
  10. even though the series is over what is Stephanie meyers next twilight project?

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