You, Silver, Sonic, & Shadow! Pt 4!

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Hey! So this is part 4 and I hope you read or took the others or you'll be lost. Okay anyways sorry for the story being so short I run out of ideas. D:

And I also I don't like typing that much. Oh! Let me tell ya what happened before part 3 ended. Sonia, & Manic are now on the adventure with you and the others. So Shadow had 5 tickets but he needed 6 to go to Japan. Sonic told Manic to act like a dog, but do you think it will work?

Created by: Silver776

  1. But some green hedgehog came out of the store, everyone starred at him. "Umm hi?" The green hedgehog says, "Bro?" Sonic said while stop fighting Silver "Bro? You have a brother?" You asked, "And a sister. But we all got split up and never saw eachother again." Sonic said. Then all of you saw a pink hedgehog. "Sonia? Is that you?" The green hedgehog asked, "Yeah..wait Manic? Sonic? You're still alive? I thought you two we're dead!" Sonia said giving Sonic and Manic a hug.
  2. "Why would you-" Manic says but got cut off, "UM anyways this is Silver, and this is Shadow, and this one is ______." Sonic says pointing. "Huh they look like you!" Sonia says. "YOU'RE ONLY SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE ME!!" Manic said complaining. "Just shutup.." Shadow said. "Oh and how are you supp-" Manic says but got cut off AGAIN. "Manic you don't really wanna fight Shadow.." Sonic whispers to Manic. "Why not?" He whispered back, "Because you'll get yo ass kicked." Sonic said "Um okay? Thanks for the advise..I think" Manic said with a confused look. "So guys and two girls where ya wanna go to now?" Silver asked, "NEW MEXICO." Sonic said, "NO HAWAII!" Manic shouted, "No CANADA!" You shouted, "NO ALASKA" Shadow shouted, "NO GUYS WE'RE GOING TO JAPAN!" Sonia yelled, "Fine.." Silver, You, & Shadow say at the same time. "Japan it is! But you didn't have to be SO bossy.." Sonic said walking away "Yeah girl" Manic said copying Sonic. "They're so dumb.." Sonia said following them "WAIT FOR ME!" You shout and followed them. "ME TOO!" Shadow yelled and followed, "HEY!" Silver said running cetching up to all of you.
  3. Manic saw an airport "AIRPORT!" He shouted. "Yeah AIRPORT." Sonic said rolling his eyes, "I saw that" Manic said, "SAW what?" Sonic said "Um I forgot.." He said.. "Wait! I got 5 tickets!" Shadow shouted, "But we need 1..4..6 BUT WE NEED 6 TICKETS." Manic said. "Crap.." Sonia said "Hey I gotta idea.." Silver said, "What?" Sonic asked "Okay its like wait its like so we like and we like sneak and like.." Silver said confused "Ugh okay anyone else.." Sonia said, Silver raised his hand, "BUT NOT SILVER, GOT ANY PLANS?" She asked.
  4. "Hmmm.." Shadow said, "Hey I got it! We use the 5 tickets for me, ______, Silver, Sonic and Sonia!" He says. "Hey what about ME?" Manic asked, "Umm we can pretend that you're our pet that talks but pretend you're a dog! And just say 'WOOF'." Sonic said. "OH OKAY! LET GO!" Manic says, getting on the ground prtending that he's their pet. "Let do this!" Silver said. All of you walked to the lady and Shadow said, "Mam we have 5 tickets to go to Japan so can we bring our pet?" Shadow asked. "Umm just go that way..." The lady said pointing to the right. "Kay, thanks!" Shadow said, all of you we're running but Manic was just crawling on the ground. You all went on the plane and good thing the plan is still working.
  5. But do you think the plan will work?
  6. SORRY! I keep running out of ideas!
  7. But I'll try to make the story longer and not so short, okay?
  9. RATE?
  10. Well this story sucks I know it does..

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