What Sonic Character are you?

Do you like to play sonic the hedgehog alot? Ever wonder wut is your character? Sonic the Hedgehog is about a blue hedgehov who likes to go on adventures and kick enemys butts everyday.

Have you ever found out what your sonic character is? Maybe you might sonic or shadow. You might play sonic the hedgehog and wonder who is my character? You will soon find out :P

Created by: xXBrawlerXx

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  1. What is favorite thing to do?
  2. who is your rival?
  3. Lets say that you are bored. Your friend comes over and ask what do u want to do. You...
  4. what is your favorite sonic game?
  5. What is your power?
  6. do you like to go on adventures?
  7. do you like someone?
  8. Are you smart?
  9. Do you get brain wash alot??
  10. Who is your favorite character?

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Quiz topic: What Sonic Character am I?