You, Silver, Sonic & Shadow! Pt 2!

Okay! So if you wanna take Pt 1 it's linked to BTRfreak's account it somehow linked to her account for some odd reason. So I hope you enjoy part 2! :D

Okay part 3 will be out as soon as possible. Hmm I always say this on my quizzes because ya know I have nothing else to say. Okay here goes ARE YOU STILL HERE TAKE THIS QUIZ ALREADY! Bai bai! :3

Created by: Silver776

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  1. Okay so first of all part 1 is linked to BTRfreak's account not mine. She helped me make this up so here comes the story!
  2. Silver woke up and and couldn't remember a thing. "hey guys what happened? And why am i bleeding?!" He asked "Silver you and Shadow got in a huge fight.." you said. "oh why the hell did shadow wanna fight me?" He asked "because you called him a a--.." Sonic said "my head hurts I'm gonna go back to sleep. " Silver said going back to sleep.
  3. You and Sonic decided to leave. You two opened the door and ran outside. "WAIT!!!!" Silver said yelling and jumping on Sonic. "Can I come?" He asked. "Yeah when you get the hell of me!" Sonic said pushing him off and getting back up. "Yes! But one question.. WHERE ARE WE GOING?!" Silver asked. "Hm I have no idea where do you wanna go Sonic?" You asked. "CHINA!" He shouted. "YES CHINA!!" Silver shouted. "Um why China?" You asked.
  4. "Because I wanna see how they make those cute little teddy bears." Sonic said. "But I wanted to see the Great Wall of China.." Silver said. "Fine we can see both, you agree on the idea of us going to China ______?" Sonic asked. "Fine but Shadow has to come too." You said.
  5. "AW WHY?! HE ALMOST KILLED ME!!" Silver said. "Well it won't be fair." You said. "UGH!" They both said together. "Huh I guess you both don't wanna go to China then." You said. "FINE GO WAKE HIM UP!" Sonic shouted. You woke up Shadow "HEY SHADOW GET UP YOU WANNA GO TO CHINA?!" You asked loudly. "WHAT THE HELL?!" He shouted. Silver ran up too him and shouted in his face saying, "COME ON SHADOW LET'S GO!!!" "UGH FINE." He said. All of you started walking but Silver then asked "Um how are we suppose to get there?" "Oh I gotta map right here!" Sonic shouted, he looked at it and said, "It will take....2345 miles!" He said happily. "Really? Here let me look at it." Silver said taking the map from Sonic. "OH MY GOD REALLY?! 2345 MILES?!" Silver said complaining.
  6. "Well I guess we gotta take a plane or something there." You said. "Hey I got 4 plane tickets!" Silver said happily. Silver handed each one of you a plane ticket and headed off to the airport. All of you handed the lady your tickets and went to get on the plane. "Hey I got a epic idea." Sonic said. "What?" Shadow asked. "We all get on top of the plane then jump off!" Sonic said. "Um Sonic?" Silver asked. "Yes?" Sonic said. "YOUR AN IDIOT! WE CAN GET KILLED!" Silver said standing up. "Haha I may be a idiot but atleast I can fight." Sonic said standing up too. "Guys sit down!" You said. Sonic and Silver wouldn't listen.
  7. Blah that's all I'm too lazy to type anymore sorry. But part 3 will be out soon. :D
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