YOU PICK! (all help needed)

Ok this is just about a choice between 3 quizzes I made its needed for my story so its important and........ WHAT AM I DOING? NO ONE READS THIS!!!!!!!!!

and no one is ever going to READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: LostSpirit88

  1. Ok so i need help making a quiz story. But i want yall to pick the best ones
  2. Below are all the three ideas I had so i want everyones advice and tell everyone too
  3. #1 the streets are dark no one in sight. I'm on my way home until I here a low growl "who's there?" I yelled, a low laugh comes from the shadows and two pairs of blood red eyes show up along with an...... OK THAT'S ALL- great story right? It's about a girl (you) who ran from home, not saying why. And gets kidnapped by.........someone.
  4. #2 "hey! You!" I turned around to see a group of girls coming, oh no. "i heard you was giving me the eye!" I'm completely lost "what?" "THE EYE! Why don't you stare at your self, you need to get your face corrected!! Tina!!!" From be hind her came a huge man looking girl, she started cracking her knuckles. Then all i saw was blur of light and i saw me glowing...... OK THAT'S ALL- guess what happens.... Wait can't tell you so did you like it? It's about a new girl in school who finds out somthing impossible (and this is her first day!)
  5. #3 "sindey come on before we're late!" I rushed my friend out side, I can't be late for the trip to Paris! "ok!" --fastforward-- the view is great from up here the lights are shining from below, so romantic. I turned around and saw a faded glow in the shape of a person, "hello ____" "who are you what do want?" I steped back leaning on the edge, "i need to tell you something important" "but..." I leaned back and tipped over falling fast the glow...... Was now gone. Than another flash of light than darkness.... OK THAT'S ALL- will you live?! Or will you die. (just so you know you can die in the beginning and have some one else's life...just saying). This story is about a girl(you) who gets to visit Paris but in Paris she and some other people true to find out the mystery of the missing man.... Like Sherlock h. But with you and cute people for victims and it my sound short but its a lot longer than ever.
  6. OK thats all I have I hope you like them and let me know in the comments! And I will start on the best quiz the next day!
  7. OOOORRRRR I can do two of them at once but that means you have to wait longer! :p
  8. Ok....... So blue or pink
  9. Today or tomorrow
  10. Last week or next month
  11. Bye, good bye, or hello

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