You Decide Quiz!

Ladies & Gentelmen WELCOME TO YOU DECIDE QUIZ! Try an decide on the best decision Yes or No! Choose one and at the and see how good at deciding what I like you are!

YOU DECIDE QUIZ 2!Is coming out in February 2019! So look out for the quiz. If it’s in March it’s completed so whatever! Look out for the quiz plz in February 2019!

Created by: Kaills

  1. Should I do the floss?YES OR NO
  2. Should I jump for 1 minute?YES OR NO
  3. Should I watch YouTube for 1 hour?YES OR NO
  4. Should I eat potatoes beacuse I don’t like them?YES NO
  5. Should I hide under my sisters bed without her spotting me?YES OR NO
  6. Should I play hide & seek?YES OR NO
  7. Should I watch DenisDaily (YouTuber) Videos?YES OR NO
  8. Should I do star jumps for 2 minutes non-stop?YES OR NO
  9. Should I be a Meteorologist (Weather Reporter) when I grow up? YES OR NO
  10. Should I sail on cruise ships in the future?YES OR NO
  11. Gender
  12. Age
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