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  • 91%

  • Stop playing five nights at freddy's. im bored of jumpscaring the night guard. Please im trying to talk to my friends aka freddy, chica, bonnie, puppet, balloon boy, balloon girl, purple man and golden freddy. this is a call from the animatronic's. If you are not playing good. If you never have played good. If you are playing we will jumpscare you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

    da foxy
  • I did it once and looked at right answers, went back and got %100.

  • 100%
    You got 100% on the quiz

    Wow you did really good. Congrats and all. Maybe you can get a better score if you take this quiz again.

    Also, I'm allergic to figs.

  • I picket the most outragouse things and got about 18 percent and i picked my fav colour purple :D


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