You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 8

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srry it took me like forever to make this one..once im done with this one..i'll be working on part 9!! woot wooot!! anywayz..i hope you will enjoy this one!!!

I wanna thank everyone that take my series! I try my best plz comment me if you think something should be added or changed..if you would like you name in the series please tell me!! thanks to you all!! peace. love. hugs! ^_^

Created by: pkiera75

  1. RECAP!: yous fall asleep on the two beds and get awakened by someone screaming in agony..yous jump up and see someone is being brutally beaten` yous run away from the bars and cover your ears...Niyah starts to cry at the sound of the little girl being beatin`. you try not to cry...but you cry to..just a tear though...the screaming stopped and yous go to the bars to see.....that the little girl is bloody and clothes on....? see the person with the wip all bloody and is...crying..? it was a muscular dude and he was crying..? for what..? he just beat a little girl!!!!!! you see him whisper sorry to the little girl that is dead now...kk?
  2. Yous continue to stare at the man in hatred eyes. He finally looks up, and sees yous are the only ones staring at him. He starts coming towards you, wiping his eyes. He reaches the bars and as he was getting closer you and Niyah back up slowly.
  3. He stopped and looked at both of yous, with firm, horrid eyes. then..he speaks..pointing to the now dead girl..."I didnt want to kill her" "Well why the heck did you?" you say.."I was ordered to" "Who "ordered" you to kill that innocent girl!" Niyah yells.."Pandora" he says in a low voice...yous both gasps.."Whos that?" you both say at once "She is my mother, the Queen of Evil" he says "Oh..right..I wanted to kill her" you come clean. "Well..good luck with that." he says. Yous stare at him blankly
  4. "What?" he says sonfuzed, "YOU...just gave US luck..? to kill your mom!?" Niyah says. " that a PROBLEM?" he says. "Dont get cocky with me b****!" you say. "Huh?" he says, "Nevermind?" you say Niyah stares at you with concern.."Anywayz..can you tell us about umm..Pandora?" "Yea! Sure!" he says he then begins....
  5. "Well, she has been trying to rule the world and turn it all evil, if anyone was to survive the torture she'll make them suffer..." he says "This is what she WANTS to do when she rules the world..right..?" you ask "yes..yes it is..its not pleasant, either" he says " No it isn't" Niyah says "but continue" he goes on "she also wants to take all the good powers from people like yous, and use them for bad. And the reason yous are all in here is bcuz of the fact that she wants to take your powers." he pauses and looks at both of your expression. expression: O.O. "anywayz" he continues "she also wants to destroy you" he points right at you "What? why?" you ask "i have nooo idea" he says "well, that doesnt help" Niyah replies "i dont really no and i dont wanna get myself killed either" he says and with a shake of his head goodbye, he leaves you and Niyah to wonder what he really meant.
  6. yous both walk away from the bars and sit on the same bed "What did he mean?" you ask Niyah "I really dont no" Niyah replies "Im really scared now!" its silent for 2 seconds when you hear "well, dont be, we're hear now" yous look up to see........
  7. Blake, Josh and [__]! you run to the bars and say "hurry hurry get us outta here!!" [__] is leaning against the wall and since he feels emotion he can tell your scared and mostly tired...while on the other hand Niyah is just shocked on how cute the three of them are. [__] shakes the thought and tells the guys to hurry and get yous outta there cuz your scared and need rest! the boys hurry and get you outta there...Josh tired to orb in but its powered Blake pulls the bars apart with his super strength!!
  8. you pull Niyah along with you out the bars and you hug Blake, Josh and [__]. yous start to find an exit..Niyah then spots a HUGE door with bright light coming threw...and its all the way down this long hall......yous all start running and then the door disappears...yous stop and then turn to look at each other....
  9. yous start feeling the wall cuz maybe its some sort of invisible door? while yous are feeling for the hear someone laugh evilly and say "Well..isn't this lovely! some dumb magic loving teens come to rescue MY slaves?" yous all turn around and yous all gasp and whisper "Pandora" "Thats right my little nitwits " she says with her evil old lady laugh "arent you like ancient?" Niyah ask "yea...arent you suppose to be deceased?" Blake continues with a smirk "oh shut up! im not that not" she says looking insulted...
  10. "anywayz...yous need to get back in your cell...and i'll arrange one for your friends.. >:)" shes says demanding.."well...we are not going to as we are told cuz..isn't that what most teens do? they dont listen to old bags like you..." you say...."well..i'll have you no..i can turn you into stone and then what? what are you going to do then? you freak show hoodlums!" she says with a smirk...this makes Josh mad so he charges at her...the rest of yous try nd stop him..but it doesnt help...with a point of her finger..Josh is frozen in mid air..((for when he was getting ready to jump on her)) you have tears coming down your cheek and you fill with rage! you wanna charge...but....CLIFFHANGER!!!
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  14. bai!! i just wanted to have more questions.. ^_^ hehe

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Quiz topic: You and my Vampire Boyfriend part 8