You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 7

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Thank you for taking my series!!! ZOMG!! i would hugz you all who takes this series!! thank you for loving it!!!!

I want to give a special shout-out to fufe!!! and kia manson!! and to everyone else!! but these people have taken them all sooo tHANK YOU!! xD

Created by: pkiera75

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  1. OK!!! recap: you where on his lap and crying inside his neck so he picked you up and carried you to his room. he sat you on the bad and laid next to you. you leaned onto him still crying but lightly "Shhhh.....___...its ok! im here now!" you rubbed your eyes and sniffled a lil and said "I no...its just that i would of lost you forever and then the CLIFFHANGER!!!!
  2. and i thought you weren't coming back" "Well, im here no need to cry over me (he thinks in his head) even though it is nice that you care" "Yes, of course i do Mike" "Wait, what? you heard that?" "Yea i guess so..?" "What did i say then" he starts getting excited that you might have used you telepathy power for the first time on him! "you said at least i care" "YES! oh my god ___ you found your telepathy power!" "OMG!! yes i did!" you both are freaking out yous are so happy that it frighten the guys so they come bursting through the door "What? what happened?" Kory asked you both just stare at them because they scared the shiz outta yous....
  3. you run over to them with happiness in your...everything? you say "Guess what?" the guys that didnt know say "what?" all together you shout happily "I found me telepathy power!!" the guys facial expression where happy to! "Well, we are doing training again today so i guess we could work on that power" [__] says
  4. "YES!!! i love training!" you say as your walking over to the oak bookshelf you just noticed in your room. "But who will i train with this time?" you turn around in your tracks. the boyz look at each other then say "I will" your like what? i cant train with everyone `today` so now your guessing they want you to pick...its been a good 5 minutes since all this happened but it seemed like hours!! "ummm...i'll go with...____!!" you say..he steps out and the rest say "when are we training?" "Whenever you want my sweetheart" "umm..ok! how about breakfast?" "That'll be perfest" he says in a sweet tone....
  5. yous to go downstairs and eat breakfast you have whatever you want of your choice and Kory makes it! you finish breakfast and then you go upstairs and change into the clothes you wore for the last go downstairs and ____ is waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs. you grab his hand and he leads you to this small room! but its not really small...the walls are covered in patting and the floor it solid and cold (you only have socks on thats how cold it is...) ____ lets go of your hand and he walks to the other side of the heard the door slam shut and now you cant see it with all the patting.....
  6. "ok ____" he says "i need you to concentrate ok.?" "ok" you say, you concentrate and the room goes silent.the only noise you hear is someone saying "wow..she's beautiful" you open your eyes and see ___staring at you with his melting away say "i did it! i heard your thought!" "Brilliant...what i'd say..?" he asks nervously.. you said " beautiful.." he starts blushing and rubs his face like he's trying to hide think about going to em and the next thing you no your in front of say "oh...ok.." and take advantage and kiss him like you were thinking of doing.
  7. you pull back at the sound of hearing your name being called you look at ___ and his face is like o.O then you turn to face the door (well were you think it is anywayz) and the others were calling you. ___ and you rush to the door thinking something was wrong. and here they didnt no where you were...and lunch was ready for you.. you eat and train for another 2 hours then you to stop and you go take a shower. you put on some betta clothes and go downstairs. your at the top of the stairs when you realize you wanted to explore the house you turn around and since the guys are ALL downstairs doing what men vampires do you start with the first room on the left of the stairs and the room is......
  8. Mike's Room!! the walls were a dark blue with some pieces of clothes here and there he had a closet and a pine bookshelf full of romance, comedy, gore and soooo much other types of books. his bed was a full/twin bed and it was made nice and neat with two pillows and a jet black blanket. you see a book on the nightstand and the title reads: POEMS. you open it and read the first poem the title is: You'll Be Mine When I first saw you My heart melted I thought about you, alwayz I finally kissed you And you didnt pull away I love you ____ And I'll alwayz will You could not love me the way I do But I will and alwayz love you I hope "you" can live old And would be with me I'll never stop till your mine Just remember You'll be mine you started to cry and put the book down. you wiped your tears and left the room to explore more.
  9. you enter the room next to Mike's and it's Blake's room. his room is white and is nice and neat. he has three oak bookshelves all three are filled with little, big, HUGE, medium sized books. they are all different types just like Mike's. his bed is a full/twin also. and is made nicely with two pillows and a red blanket. he has a closet to and a dresser with a mirror? anywayz...on his nightstand are a vase of white roses...? really..? ok...there is a note with them reads: "I love you, alwayz and I give you these roses because they mean instinct love and trust...for you...___." the letter is written in fancy writing. and at the bottom it says.. From decide to leave them and let Blake give them to you...but you gotta remember to act surprised lol when he gives you them.
  10. you leave his room and go to the one next to's Kory's's black with two metal bookshelves "Wow..they are really into books" you say to yourself but out loud he has a single bed and it only has one pillow with a white/cream-ish colored blanket. he doesn't have a closet but has two dressers and NO mirror. he has clothes here and there and there are posters of broken hearts, rock bands, just plain plies of blood and vampires. you think the vampires scares you. so you mind them. you find a girls outfit it's a mini skirt thats white and a tank top thats black with a pair of flip flops that are black. you think it's a cute outfit but you dont bother with it. you see he has two windows and there are like drawings on the window seals, they were, animes, and they looked!! you were shocked on how good they put them down and gets ready to leave when the doors shuts...
  11. you turn and the window is start freaking out turn again and see it's the girl from your dreams and from the other day!! SHE TRIED TO KILL YOU!!!! you scream but it didnt work cause she covered your mouth and she was choking you! she slammed you on the floor and said "Die you little b**ch!!" you shake your head no and she chokes you even more. you keep shaking your head and she chokes you more. you remember your powers so you try to orb to the guys...but you orb away from her and turn invisible. she yelling at you to show yourself but you dont. it's been 16 min and you become visible she grabs you fastly so your guessing she has the power of speed. she ports somewhere and its very scary there are skulls and dead people everywhere. she throws you in a chamber and says dont move and dont go anywhere. your like where am i gonna go..? try orbing to the guys but you cant still...prob this place doesnt allow powers you think whant am i going to do now.? you think you try to plan a way out but cant think of one cause you dont no this place.....
  12. you wait and as you wait there are bones and skeletons in the chamber with look more to your right and there is an young lady sitting there. "Hi...what are you here for..?" she asks... you just stare at em..."im name is Shaniyah...but you can call me niyah....for short.." she smiles at you and you think "Well, she seems friendly" "yes! yes i am friendly!" she says in a happy look at her weird..again..and she says i have the powers of telepathy,control people,change people thoughts,and the power to kill. "wow..that's cool! i have the powers of orbing,telepathy, invisibility and can control fire!" yous start talking and it's been almost the half of the day.well was the half of the talk about were yous lived and your powers and even girly
  13. yous fall asleep on the two beds and get awakened by someone screaming in agony..yous jump up and see someone is being brutally beaten` yous run away from the bars and cover your ears...Niyah starts to cry at the sound of the little girl being beatin`. you try not to cry...but you cry to..just a tear though...the screaming stopped and yous go to the bars to see.....that the little girl is bloody and clothes on....? see the person with the wip all bloody and is...crying..? it was a muscular dude and he was crying..? for what..? he just beat a little girl!!!!!! you see him whisper sorry to the little girl that is dead now...CLIFFHANGER!!
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Quiz topic: You and my Vampire Boyfriend part 7