you and your crush(i suggest this is only for girls)

alright please excuse my typing i type too fast. sorry if this is bad becauuse this is basicly my first and i tried my best so no bad comments. bad comments are mean

so.. alrighty i hope you enjoy and if you can comment and tell me how i did or what you want the guys names to be. by the way the story is the results.

Created by: scolionophobia
  1. are you shy, romantic, or sporty
  2. if you were playing basketball and a guy snatched the ball would you get mad
  3. pick one
  4. would you rather
  5. are you good at sports
  6. pick one
  7. do you have a best boy friend
  8. does your familly members buy you jewerly
  9. pick one
  10. alright on the results i spelled a few things wrong on accident (sorry i type too fast) and ill put the guys names if i make a next one.. if you want too you can pick what you want their names to be..

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Quiz topic: You and my crush(i suggest this is only for girls)