Does your crush like you? (For girls)

Everyone has a crush... just most of them don't know how their crush feels about them. I'm unsure too, but soon, you won't be like me. If you have no idea if he likes you back, you're in the right place.

Does your crush like you? Close to finding out but double checking just to be sure? If you are in one of these situations, this should help you. In just seconds you can reveal the truth by taking this quick quiz.

Created by: Hannah
  1. Do you have a crush?
  2. Does he stare at you?
  3. How often do you talk?
  4. How much does he hang out with you?
  5. Is he nice to your friends?
  6. Is he dating anybody?
  7. Did he ever admit that he has a crush on somebody
  8. Do his friends seem like they're acting nice? Maybe even as though they're hiding something?
  9. Suppose a guy asks you out... What does your crush do?
  10. Lastly... Does he ever compliment you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you? (For girls)