Do you have a crush?

Everyone has a crush (or more) in their life. It's just a thing to live with. But of course, some people have no idea if they have a crush or not! Others do, but let's focus on those who do not...

Do you not know if you have a crush or not? Are you at that point where you don't have a clue? Are YOU one of those lost people? Well don't fret; this quiz is quick and will tell you if you have a crush or not.

Created by: Hannah
  1. Does your heart skip a beat when a certain person comes near you?
  2. Do you think about a certain person?
  3. Do you stare at somebody certain?
  4. Do you have a tendancey to talk about somebody certain to your friends a lot?
  5. Do you believe in this test?
  6. Do you talk to a person a lot that you're not really friends with? (opposite gender)
  7. Do you focus on what someone certain is doing?
  8. Honestly, do you think you have a crush
  9. Do you enjoy talking to someone certain?
  10. Do you ever dream about someone certain?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a crush?